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"Wu move back" director responded: non Huanjiao is "Zhang Tian’ai Wu move back" boot conference Sina entertainment news today, TV drama "Wu move back" in Xiangshan starting, the complete lineup also will be exposed. After friends broke the news, originally from the Jin Chen [micro-blog] plays the role of Zhang Tianai suspected of being cut Hu, Zhang Tianai vacated the role of the original, so for Wang Likun [micro-blog] to save games. Director Zhang Li [micro-blog] also responded to play about the role of adjustment in the conference site, said the role of Zhang Tian’ai starred Ying Huanhuan, she finally give life to the forest, this role must be her weight. In the conference the same day, actor Jin Chen microblogging "science and society, non debate", suggesting that truth is not become clearer, and I don’t want to compete with you. Micro-blog has attracted hot friends, Jin Chen and fan clubs are also administrative micro-blog message: "the gentleman and indisputable without behind. For Jin Chen of this article micro-blog, users lamented, originally said ‘Huanhuan’ people robbed, it should be very sad, it does not matter we still support your other works." Also the netizen commented: "in the episode before the shooting, the actors change is a normal phenomenon." "Wu," the conference site, director Zhang Li also are given for the adjustment of character’s response: "we may have doubts, how should she become Huanhuan, said simply, our creative team in the play, Zhang Tianai was later found to play this role, and why, because she this role the final ending with the forest, with the life should be to each other, the role of weight, we want to look or she gets, this role requires strong inner strength, believe love can be a good interpretation." For the director so sure, love is also a small bow bowed thanks. (the struggle for Utopia (): when commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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