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The woman on the train all the discomfort of enthusiastic people hand – Qinghai channel — people.com.cn original title: the right woman on the train of enthusiastic people help the morning of September 28th, Ms. Ding of a family of three to sit on the train to Lhasa. After the train across Golmud, Ms. Ding feel some difficulty breathing, shaking hands and feet. The symptoms of sudden upset Ms. ding a trip, but fortunately, in the help of many enthusiastic people, Ms. Ding’s body has not been affected. "It is a bit flustered shortness of breath." A symptom is not very serious, Ms. Ding did not care too much, over the Kunlun mountain, she felt some pain on both sides of the rib, breathing more difficult. In order not to trouble the family, Ms. Ding has endured. "Every time I get a few minutes, then it will be better." Ms. Ding said, enthusiastic passengers gave her a few pieces of tablets, she ate after feeling a little better. Late at night, most of the passengers had to rest for 29 days at 4 pm, Ms. Ding felt more and more uncomfortable, hands began to tremble. In the case of Ms. Ding, the conductor and the bus doctor immediately rushed to see the situation. ECG, blood pressure, the doctor preliminary examination, Ms. Ding’s indicators are normal. Because of the limited medical equipment in the car, the doctor asked Ms. Ding to take some medicine. "Disgusting, the pills are all gone."." Ding think fast hold on, the conductor and her family after discussion, decided to go to the hospital to get off in tuotuohe. "We got out of the car, an ambulance waiting on the side, the conductor helpedset, also took our luggage off settled after the." September 29th 14 am, when the reporter contacted Ms. Ding, she is still in hospital. Ms. Ding said, on the train, enthusiastic passengers, the conductor and the doctor has been helping, under the train, the hospital doctors are also very serious and responsible, her body has not been affected. "Thank you very much! We have been sitting in the train station without stopping, no Tuotuohe, because I wasted your time, really feel shy." Phone, Ms. Ding side thanks to apologize. The day of the incident, ride on the train is the passenger section of the Xining Lhasa two team wide Tibet a group of attendants of the king of Tieshan, the conductor said, passengers on a train ride, if you encounter physical discomfort, must promptly tell the conductor, so as not to delay the disease. (commissioning editor Zhang Zhiping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章:

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