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What? TV series "journey to the west" in Sun Wukong’s voice actor actually have two? Another year’s summer vacation. Remember someone said, 80, 90 summer vacation is a sign of "Princess" "journey to the west" and "The Legend Of White Snake". As long as the TV and play these plays, it shows that the summer vacation is coming. Among them, the TV series "journey to the west" regardless of the scope of the impact or the time to speak, people can not go beyond the classic. Referred to "journey to the west", most people first thought is Sun Wukong. Until now, when it comes to Sun Wukong, even the three year old knows. The beginning of this year, invited Liuxiaolingtong on the Spring Festival Gala, the topic of the extensive discussion, but also the best embodiment of this work and the role of national. Speaking of Sun Wukong, everyone’s mind will emerge in the first of the smart character, and then the role of the classic voice. However, do you know that there are actually two of Sun Wukong’s voice actors in the play? The two voice actors, one of whom is now known by most people, is Li Yang. I believe that everyone is very familiar with Li Yang, in addition to Sun Wukong, he also worked for Donald Duck, and many other classic characters, such as the voice of the role of Hitler, Affandi. His voice is penetrating, strong plasticity, very characteristic, loved by many people. In fact, in addition to Li Yang, there is another voice has played in the drama of the role of the Sun Wukong. That is the journey to the west, the first five of the play Sun Wukong, the focus of the voice actor Li Shihong. The young teacher Li Shihong had learned Beijing Opera in the troupe is love watching dubbed film, famous voice actor Qiu Yuefeng sound tracks, slowly falling in love with the voice of occupation. Later, in the event of coincidence, had to think Sun Wukong dubbing. In order to match the personality of the character, Li Shihong teacher repeated research, in-depth study of the personality of the characters, created a lot of this part of the pronunciation. His voice had a natural wild, the first five sets that Sun Wukong, he was slow-witted wild and intractable interpretation to the most incisive interpretation of a wonderful, "monkey Sun Wukong" style. However, after the dubbing, because of various reasons, but the teacher Li Shihong fade out of sight. He didn’t come back until four or five years ago when he was invited to a TV show. When his voice sounded again, the fearless Monkey King seemed to appear in front of everyone, accompanied by, those quiet years of memories and dreams. Every child has a dream in his heart. Once upon a time, Sun Wukong was the hero in our hearts. He is skillful, fearless, jieruqiu, have not beat him any trouble. In the form of entertainment is extremely rich, the number of literary and artistic works of geometric soaring today, never a lack of superheroes, such as Sun Wukong’s "childhood classic" figure is quietly hidden. However, after all, he is different, he embodies the common memory of several generations, is the most rich ethnic characteristics of the animation hero. You can then sit in front of the TV now have children, as parents, marry and settle down, their busy, no time and patience to recall those who can not see how tired of classic works. Perhaps the passage of time has never been the time, but i!相关的主题文章:

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