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WeChat to "brush" war front overnight was 100 thousand +   pull down the altar – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn original title: WeChat to "brush" war front overnight 100 thousand + is WeChat public, pull down the altar brush tool collapse. This little "jitter" not only let yesterday 100 thousand +, today compared to large amount of reading hundreds of looks like a joke, but also off a large number of media from the large "emperor’s new clothes". A moment of public opinion, WeChat will sell remediation from the media? WeChat large amount of reading a day off an order of magnitude, according to Tencent science and technology reports, from September 28th to 29 evening, a large number of media from the public found that the amount of reading can not be optimized. Subsequently, a large number of suspected brush amount of reading WeChat users flayer, involved in science and technology, fashion, life and other vertical industries, including the famous Queen took financial investment. Read these public number before September 28th has been stable in the amount of reading million, and on the 29 day, the amount of reading suddenly down rapidly, the amount of reading part of the public number one day unexpectedly dropped a magnitude. This is a crackdown on the official WeChat? Or brush a common technical failure of the company? Tencent public relations department for the Beijing Morning Post reporter said: "we insist that any false data are of great harm to those who respect the rules of the game operators, the platform is not welcome any false prosperity. We will continue to strengthen the technical means to ensure that the platform is true, fair and equitable." Brush amount brush powder into the black industry chain brush amount of reading, has been an open secret from the media industry. Beijing morning news reporters in the Taobao search, "WeChat public reading", the number of businesses up to 32 pages, some stores trading volume has reached tens of thousands of pen. According to media reports, the specific amount of the amount of brush reading volume of 15 yuan to read the text of the text, the original amount of reading 15 yuan 100 times, forwarding the amount of $40 share of the 100, WeChat fans top quality of 20 yuan of 500 powder. WeChat PR department said that with the WeChat platform to grow, to read the amount of brush, brush like the number of points has become a mature black chain, technology confrontation between the platform and the black industry chain has always existed, and constantly upgrade. "We have adjusted the reading amount to 100 thousand + in order to prevent the user from paying too much attention to the number. The WeChat team with various violations against have been, not a surprise attack." WeChat public relations staff told the Beijing morning post reporter. Previously, WeChat had to brush the amount of reading had said, "the amount of brush who once verified, will be strictly punished, do not rule out the WeChat background to take title measures. A brush amount of industry personnel to the Beijing Morning Post reporter, said WeChat official response to the matter, that is, the amount of public behavior on the positive brush amount of war. Once the WeChat backend port using technical means to adjust, and then rely on the amount of technical brush reading difficult. "But one foot in mind. There must be a way, but the cost will be much higher." From the media into the public number of operators of false prosperity cycle keen to brush the amount of reading, and a relatively simple model about. A number of public operators told the Beijing morning news reporter, most media)相关的主题文章:

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