Warm baby temperature up to 58 DEG C these products scald probability is extremely high unfccc

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"Warm baby" temperature up to 58 degrees C these products are very high probability of burns these days you are "cold" to the. With the cold weather, the reporter saw in the streets of Wenzhou, businesses have started to put on a variety of "warm" products, of course, electric hot water, warm paste heating (Nuan Baobao) and "artifact". However, the reporter found in the visit, the heating products, especially warm paste, some even three products. Reporters learned from the hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, each year in December to the following year in January, the hospital will be treated to a number of patients with low temperature burns, many of which are due to the use of poor warm paste or improper use caused by. This period, "news lab", we will enter the laboratory of chemical and materials engineering, Wenzhou University, Dr. Li Zhongyu, please say that warm paste the mystery of the heat, and how to properly use. In case of improper use of scald warm paste girls burn blisters stuff (a pseudonym) is a primary school in the fourth grade female students, because of a cold, in the winter, she cannot do without hot water bag, warm paste. Recently, she was in her school in the vicinity of the store to buy a "three noes" warm paste, one night sleeping, put it in the body, although the packaging to be used across the clothes, but she "capricious" the warm paste directly attached to the stomach, it woke up and found the skin the skin is red hot, even hot blisters. After a medical examination, is deep low temperature burn two degrees, the damage done to the dermis, will not only leave a scar, if not handled properly, will lead to skin ulcer. Said the deputy director of the hospital department of Dermatology doctor Xu Jie combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine, from December to January next year, will be treated by outpatient warm paste caused by improper use of low temperature burn patients, patients in the beginning of high school students and the majority of girls than boys. In general, the contact temperature of 70 DEG C for one minute, or touch a temperature of 60 DEG C for five minutes or more, are likely to cause burns; and warm paste temperature can reach more than 50 DEG C, even more than 60 degrees, so the skin is dangerous. In the reporter visited around the campus store sale of "three noes" warm paste on the front, the reporter visited the city sales warm paste shop, including more than primary school around the store. A shop near the downtown puxieshi primary school, the reporter asked whether the store sells warm paste, stores "have repeatedly response", and pointed to the door of a box on the ground says: "here is, you just pick." Reporters found that there are at least 8 kinds of small cardboard heating products, priced at $2 to $8. They picked up a "mini heater" said: "this student is love, class, can be directly in the hand of warm, very convenient, as long as 3 yuan." But in the packaging of the "mini heater", the reporter did not find any production date, quality certificate and manufacturer information, ask the store, the store can not tell. 8 kinds of heating products sold in the shop, the reporter found that there are a number of "three noes" of products, like a transparent plastic packaging hand warmer, packaging is liquid and a piece of a dime sized iron, iron will simply press the automatic heating, duration of about 1 hours, but the reporter picked up the hand warmer, you can smell.相关的主题文章:

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