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Sales-Training The wide perception is, vocational education is for losers. Only when wed be able to break this perception, we could imagine an Africa wherein vocational institutions do not find it hard to attract large numbers of students and where employers can easily find local talent with the right technical skills. A large section of African youth looks at university education as their first prize, while vocational trades are seen an option for those who could not make it to university. This very perception needs to do away with. Many feel that vocational education in Africa does not lead to good jobs, which is far from truth. Most of the vocational jobs are highly technical and pay very well. Moreover, formal education can be pursued later on in life. If this notion that vocational education in Africa is for losers can be turned around, the sheer unemployment crisis in Africa will .e down significantly. It is to be noted that Africa is not alone in this problem of perception; this reflects very well in the fact that more than 75 million young people across the planet are unemployed. Finland is among the first economies which have successfully brought about a huge change in the outlook of their people towards vocational education. Though changing societal mindset towards vocational courses and careers would take time, what can be done at present is the roll out of policies and procedures which promote vocational education in Africa . Vocational education training providers or training .panies can be brought on board to reach out to the youth to encourage and promote vocational education in Africa. These .panies would collaborate with different industries and prepare programmes accordingly to equip the youth for the specific needs of those industries. The shortage of technical skills in Africa is already forcing employers to import foreign manpower. They want to hire local talent, but they are not getting it as desired. And this is why they have to look beyond the boundaries. For an economically and socially empowered Africa, we just cannot underestimate vocational and technical skills; a skill that equips youth for employment and creates job should not be seen for losers; it is for winners; it is for those who want to take up jobs right after their education. We have to make ourselves and others understand that vocational training in Kenya or Africa is not an option for losers, but an option for winners. About the Author: , please read our other articles. Article Published On: The Virtual Training System: Redefining The Concept Of Training By: Rosario Berry – Most organizations and employers have the responsibility of training their employees or personnel to ensure that their organizations processes and functions can move smoothly and productively. 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