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Alert "to pay the express new scam – Tibet channel: original title: alert" to pay the express new scam from the day before, a mouth that express little brother: "a new scam to pay the express" born quietly. The use of a small number of people to be wary of fraud is not high and the love of petty psychological deception everywhere, so many people suffer. According to the very sense of express little brother introduction, in his usual delivery work, these "to pay package unknown source or origin" will occur from time to time, goods mostly watches, gifts, prepaid cards, payment receipt to the recipient needs. Although the majority of recipients before and no online shopping related goods, but because the package name, address and telephone number and the recipient of personal information and payment are completely consistent, tens of dollars, some people often mistaken for family and friends to send, or out of curiosity and receipt of payment, open the package found after receipt of goods is not worth to pay money, deceived. Among them, some people received one hundred yuan worth of "brand watches", but often second days can not be normal use; more people receive a wireless network card, 3D glasses and recharge cards and other practical small objects, but out of the box after the discovery is not used. So, how is the recipient’s personal information leaked? The express little brother said, whether online shopping or mailing, the personal information of consumers or businesses are likely to be related to employees trafficking in stolen. And some unscrupulous businesses to obtain user information, commissioned by the courier company to collect fees, the value of the consumer to send mail is far below the payment to the package, in order to obtain profits. In this regard, on the one hand, consumers need to be vigilant, do not covet cheap, treat "to pay the express" cautious, decide whether to buy the goods, if not their own online shopping items, and to pay a fee, we must decisively reject. On the other hand, not because of the amount of small tolerate such fraud, once found himself deceived, should be timely warning, although consumers encounter a small amount of fraud, may not be the case, but will be recorded. The mail is often used to carry out the bulk of the delivery, if the amount is a huge criminal offense, the public security departments can handle cases. It is understood that my area at present all kinds of logistics enterprises has reached more than 30 in 2015, the total social logistics industry reached 259 million yuan, vigorous development at the same time, some problems have become increasingly prominent, has become the logistics and express some fraud crime and the high incidence area. Regulatory lag caused by frequent physical property infringement cases of mass transit, seriously damaged the interests of the masses, the need to further strengthen the supervision of law enforcement agencies. Not long ago, the media reported that the closure for logistics industry regulatory loopholes, Xi’an established the first national logistics delivery Crime Investigation Detachment, will strengthen the supervision of law enforcement, may have some reference to us. (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)相关的主题文章:

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