Vanke for equity undercurrent Yao Zhenhua brothers surfaced popkart

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Vanke for equity undercurrent Yao Zhenhua "brothers" surfaced with potential counterparty Vanke negotiations at the same time, Boland Department of brothers also surfaced. With the announcement of the acquisition of China’s gold Ocean Group treasure can be two buildings in Hefei treasure city, Yao Zhenhua, chairman of the group of energy can be seen in front of the public brother: Kim Yang, chairman of the board of directors of Yao Jianhui, it is Yao Zhenhua’s brother. While gold shares in Zhejiang bank, to participate in the subscription Vanke asset management plan, has played an important role. Yao Zhenhua is still expanding his financial landscape. Recently, the news came from the market, treasure can receive from the hands of the hands of the Sichuan sea trust about 30% stake in the trust. According to the Beijing property exchange trust, Sichuan trust this part of the transfer price of about 3 billion 750 million yuan. In the purchase of Vanke financial instruments, including the use of treasure to universal insurance, margin financing, private and public debt and information management plans and other financial instruments in a multitude of names. If the successful acquisition of Sichuan trust, treasure will be more than a new tool. Vanke in negotiations and who Vanke and treasure, is brewing a new round of contest. September 18th Vanke (000002.SZ) announced that the company is negotiating with a potential counterparty. From the contents of the announcement itself, it is more like a foreign investment Vanke, rather than the introduction of vanke. "The company still intends to cash payment, the acquisition of the potential counterparties to hold parts associated with the company’s existing business assets or equity, thus speeding up the expansion of the company’s new business, enhance the company’s new business market position." Read the announcement, but found that this is one of many subtext. In the announcement, Vanke said the purpose of the transaction is to expand the business; the way is to acquire the assets or equity held by the potential counterparty vanke. The investment community believes that expanding the business may be; acquisition of assets or equity may be substantial, especially for equity stake in into a stalemate on the occasion, especially sensitive. Vanke shares on the market so much. If retail investors do not sell, it is difficult to continue before the major shareholders holdings. No matter which one, you want to continue to overweight host, I am afraid to start from the hands of institutions." An investment company executives said. Vanke in which one company in the negotiations, what is foreign investment, or investment in implies the introduction of investors and equity acquisition framework, the deal is both the expansion of foreign investment in the present, where a step. For many speculations on the market, the reporter to Vanke Group (Vanke Lanshan Vanke happiness exchange) conducted a confirmation. Vanke September 20 reply to reporters, has not yet reached the requirements of information disclosure, if there is progress, the relevant information shall prevail. On the counterparty, Vanke made a vague description. "In addition to the group, the company signed a legally binding letter of intent with another potential counterparty in December 25, 2015. The letter of intent has now been terminated automatically, but the company is still in negotiations with the counterparty." But the potential deals with Vanke Company, still know a little fuzzy figure. "Whether the intent of the transaction can eventually reach uncertainty." Vanke.相关的主题文章:

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