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U.S. media to expose Darai group crisis young people no longer keen to engage in "Tibet independence" China Tibet network August 24th, American NewsGram published an article on India’s younger generation exiles in a nice hobble situation, exposed the "Darai group" is facing a major crisis, the young generation is not keen to participate in the so-called "Tibet independence" exercise. Source: Dharamsala Delta International Herald Leader NewsGram said, now the situation is that in India or Western born exiles have India or of the United States, do not understand the Tibetan culture or tradition. Many of the "exiled Tibetans" marry Westerners or Indians, while most of the "Tibetan exiles" are more likely to marry Westerners or Indians in order to live a stable life. They want to achieve their own lives, most people choose to go to school instead of taking part in the so-called independent struggle. "Darai group" had a hand processing Tibetan orphan incident. At that time, the Darai Lama sent his parents still alive, and they look forward to grow up for the cause of Tibet independence. But over the past few decades, the children have not become the "kindling" of the Darai Lama’s imagination – instead, they prefer to live in peace rather than be drawn into endless political quagmire. The exiles hawker international online source: in fact, exiles thought of "quiet life" is not easy. German Culture Radio reported that the brigade seal Tibetan Ranzin in an interview with German media, complained to reporters: "we had crossed Himalaya Range to India, where they found the narrow streets, shabby house, and even the" government in exile "is whether we, really" very injured. "". Because the living conditions did not improve, growing anxiety and identity of the missing has been exiles spread. Young people like to develop, need new things, so many people leave the India Tibetan exile community to the world. There are some people choose to return to Tibet. Few people now come from Tibet, and perhaps 10 or more years later, there will be no more people in India’s "Tibetan exile community". In July 5, 2016, in India, charge d’affaires Liu Jinsong visit condolences to Chinese special ambassador Embassy in India for consular documents printed Tibetan tourism. Source: China Ambassador Embassy in India website Chinese Tibet network previously reported, although many of the first generation of Tibetans from personal feelings still received the Darai group, but due to busy living, are not keen to participate in the "Tibet independence" activities. The two or three generation of Tibetans in India, Nepal or in Europe and the United States, because of the long-term acceptance of modern values, educational philosophy and way of life are less on the "Darai group" identity. Many young Tibetans outside the country and the 90, 00 after the same, the pursuit of personal life. (Chinese Tibet Wen Bai Sherman pictures from the network editor: Joe’s SN098)相关的主题文章:

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