Two small Ya odds both parents fight a child was in a hospital. kamikaze love

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Two small Ya odds both parents fight a child was in a hospital. The newspaper news (trainee reporter Sun Xiaotian) yesterday afternoon, Qiaokou District community often code within a kindergarten, two small child playing on the slide, two slide between the path along the cliff on the head. Two people to each other, a child is pushing another child to. Shocking is that this little push was caused by both parents staged all martial arts, what’s more, a child was wounded in the hospital. It happened at 5 p.m. the day before yesterday. According to one of the parties, Ms. Wang introduced her family living in the community. The time of the incident, she went to the District of a kindergarten play slide with 1 and a half years old son, was a 4 year old boy who lived in her upstairs in the scene. In the climb the two slide between the path along the cliff, two children together, the little boy hand pushed her son to a. "At that time I saw, worried that the child fell, called a, and then hold the son down." Ms. king said: I did not expect the child’s mother rushed over and began to scold me." Subsequently, Ms. Kim holding his son left kindergarten. I did not expect for a while, the two mothers with children and met in the district. The two first verbal conflict, then dispute upgrades, hands to tear, two small Ya are affected. Ms. Kim said her son was hit with the phone to the other side of the head, was kicked, after the incident, has been sent to hospital for emergency treatment. Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter went to the regular community code. In kindergarten, the reporter found another mother in conflict, she just went to pick up the children from school. Faced with reporters, she was very angry, do not want to disclose the name. She said that her son was hit Ms. Kim’s son, but the child Dadanaonao not what she is angry, Ms. Kim insulted her son. About two people and wounded children will fight, she said, is Ms. Kim first kicked her son, her shortness of breath only played Ms. Kim’s son. Witnesses district residents Wang Diedie introduction, two units of a neighbor, Ms. Kim, who lives on the 4 floor, another live in the building of the 6 floor. The day before yesterday afternoon, the two people in the downstairs of a fierce conflict. The first is the two mother tussle together, during the period of the child was hit, fell to the ground; the surrounding residents will soon be opened, two people’s husband came, the conflict more intense; later, and others came, two family third times together, until the police arrived before the two sides opened. After the incident, Ms. Kim’s son syncope, was taken to hospital for emergency treatment. After examination, the child’s head, abdomen trauma. Currently, the police have been involved in investigating the matter. Expert: the strange relationship between the neighbors will lead people to indulge their own behavior China saying: better is a neighbor. This should be the two neighbors live together in peace together because the child is a little thing why strike violently,? District residents Ms. Deng introduced, Ms. Wang’s family is an only child, the body is thin, often sick, the family are very distressed. While another has a daughter, the son is also quite big some older parents, it is said that when the baby mother had heart disease, in the hospital, the son is not baby"相关的主题文章:

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