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This is the greatest enemy of education, but almost every parent in Sohu – Author: Dong Jinyu – – – maternal education is in the education of their children, if the parents can understand: the children of parents and children can mirror their mutual learning and common progress of the family will be full of warmth and love I have is a chairman a famous entrepreneur and educator. The seventy year old has now retired, and has become the son of scientists to settle in the United states. The return home to visit relatives, the local government specifically invited the old lady to the local thousands of teachers and students, parents of a free education report. Affectionately known as her mother Liu, fifteen years ago, China’s first outstanding mother of the top ten". There are many successful experiences in parenting. In recent years, in addition to settle down in the country, by the idea of advanced parenting and continuous learning, a lot of more distinctive parenting concept. At the meeting, she pointed out a lot of family education of children of the taboo, she called for millions of parents and educational circles of friends, we must overcome the problem, not the problem again from copy to the next generation. She said: there is a kind of thing in this world is 100 harm and no one, that is to lose his temper. The same is true of educating children. Temper is the biggest enemy of education, temper more worse, the effect of education. Why don’t you lose your temper? 1, one point temper, the experts pointed out that the education sector of the seven points: poverty does not bring about the failure of education, but the spirit of abuse will create a problem child. Let the child live in the spirit of abuse, as to bring her a lifetime of pain yoke. A lot of parents to the child’s willful, disobedient, mischievous blame on the child, in fact, every child behind the problem, there must be a problem parents, this is the law of iron. The problem of children, almost all parents, but many parents do not want to see their problems, always try every means to repair the child. It is inevitable that there will be a spiritual child who, after suffering mental abuse, will move toward a negative, pessimistic world. 2, bad temper will inherit what kind of environment, what kind of children. Love of the parents, the education of children easily rebellious, suspicious sensitive, fragile heart and aggressive. After the child grows up, the temper is also very hot tempered, harsh, serious is likely to happen sexual perversion, nervous tendency. When such a child grow up, parents, parents will inherit the bad temper, the emergence of vent injury, copy violence situation. At this time, the next generation of young children has become a victim of bad temper. As Montessori said: every character defect is caused by the tragedy of childhood. 3, bad temper is the strongest parent-child relationship weapons of bad temper, let the children dare not close, dare to open your heart, at the moment of fear, no sense of security, growth will have a variety of problems. There are many such examples: parents being larger, more unruly children; father.相关的主题文章:

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