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The Taiwan Affairs Office announced that Hong Xiuzhu will visit the mainland Island attention Xi Hong – Beijing Taiwan Affairs Office announced that Hong Xiuzhu will visit the mainland to Hong Xi led to the island will focus on the Global Times reported [] Taiwan authorities following the change of ruling parties, the Kuomintang will where to go, the relationship will always concern outside the island decide on what path to follow. The parties to the issue. 24, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman said Ann Fengshan, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu will be held from October 30th to November 3rd, led a delegation to Nanjing to visit Beijing. Taiwan’s Central News Agency says 24 days, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Fengshan Ann day is through the press release announced the initiative "Hong Xiuzhu landing" of the news, but he didn’t mention any news whether Hong Xiuzhu will meet with Xi Jinping. Previously, the Taiwan Affairs Office has confirmed that this year will be supported on both sides of a number of non-governmental organizations jointly organized the cross-strait peace development forum, the forum will be held on November 2nd to 3 held in Beijing. This forum is held continuously since 2005 "forum of cross-strait trade and cultural" (commonly known as "the forum" to "upgrade version)". As "the forum" the highlight of KMT chairman activities in mainland China, especially with the mainland leaders will face concern. Although the Taiwan Affairs Office did not mention "Xi Hong" and other issues, but Taiwan today news 24, said in the past chairman of the Kuomintang in Beijing activities will be held top leaders of the two parties met the Convention, "Xi Hong" has been regarded as "decided", Hong Xiuzhu will also become more than a year since the first meeting with the general secretary Xi Jinping Taiwan party leader. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" said the organizers of contact process, the KMT party chairman Hong Xiuzhu by the director of the special adviser and mainland affairs, Huang Qingxian, and Qiao Zhengzhong as the core staff intermediary shuttle, "Hong Xiuzhu single treatment", it has been the hope that the two sides have played by Hong Xiuzhu, the summit’s attention, but also to the process of organizing secret home. The insider said, Hong Xiuzhu’s firm attitude, "the forum" and "Xi Hong" is actually very early, has not been finalized, the KMT party chairman election problem concerns next year. On the morning of 24, Hong Xiuzhu participated in the "special membership dues to pay" and the first to pay 20 million NT, when reporters asked whether she will shout out "landing one of the table," Hong Xiuzhu said, "all will be in the spotlight". She said, Hong Xi said the two sides agreed not to exchange gifts, and therefore did not prepare with hand ceremony. For Hong Xiuzhu landing, the mayor of the front desk, said Hu Zhiqiang should be encouraged to go, now only the KMT in the relationship between the two sides can be trusted by the. This will be an important opportunity not to criticize (Hong Xiuzhu)". Taiwan China Culture University scholar Niu Zexun said, because the DPP refused to admit the "92 consensus", the cross-strait relations are stagnant, or even reverse, seems to be from the "cold peace" into "worse cold confrontation". Influence of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism plummeted, a popular tourist destination and a deserted house, effects of tourism related industries livelihood. The forum is likely to continue if handled properly, the Kuomintang in maintaining cross-strait relations relative advantage]相关的主题文章:

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