The star is indispensable, eat is the key in the new network magicq

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The star is indispensable, "eat" is the key – Beijing is now a major reversal of delicacy programs appear to get together really good reputation rarely, many of the programs are in "not delicious delicacy, misunderstanding of star is not true", only a few programs do use sophisticated production to win. How to upgrade the food program? The future stars delicacy variety is more and more strong, into more and more, but can not let delicacy into foil, the key lies in looking for the audience appetite: not only tall, but also down to earth. The star rob "delicacy in the limelight in recent years, the star show cooking program began to get together, almost a TV standard (because the program is easy, high-end brand placement, such as" grade) through fresh drops "Sunday" familiar taste "" what to eat "" who is your dish "in the Carnival market gradually. Off screen, so network variety is everywhere "eat eat eat". From South Korea mode Chinese version "please", "refrigerator s hungry", sister recently launched "dinner temptation" etc.. The audience is not difficult to find that after watching these shows, celebrity guest is the focus, and delicacy links are invariably weakened, star, talk shows, games, kitchen and other elements can be complete, is the lack of personality, not to mention the audience watching the show could expect. Someone said, "since the show billed as a delicacy, color and flavor of the food production process should not be ignored, otherwise it will lose the basic fun watching the show," pay more attention on the program is the interaction between the star or stars and guests, cooking process is often glossed over, are not these people know that in the end is not really work, actually cooking process is the focus of the audience look forward to show it can stimulate people’s taste buds "," too model, small years by robbing this trick, I have seen good embarrassment". Feng taste made style large texture in a number of competitors in the siege, the "Twelve Feng taste" has made its own unique style: recording to outdoors, with travel, delicacy and emotional elements, there is a large texture. The evaluation of "star large enough is that the third season, the scenery is very beautiful, the food is very delicious". In the program, Nicholas Tse took Hsu Chi, Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen and other friends marching to the world, including the vast African grasslands, quiet Finland ice, and Hawaii island style look tall place, only the three regions have been through nearly 60° latitude range, spanning 1/3 the earth, always to the edge of the Arctic Circle from the equator. In fact, the program to the second quarter because of too much criticism of the game, only to adjust the third quarter. It is understood that, in the course of the shooting process, Nicholas Tse insisted at all costs, in order to get the same sense of the film, the audience also commented that a lot of pictures can be directly used to do computer desktop. In addition to food, emotional story is another big thing. Father Xie Xian appeared in the episode to let the audience see the father and son of Nicholas Tse, and so on, the emergence of the presence of Donnie Yen, Hsu Chi, let the outside world feel their friendship. Nicholas Tse straight相关的主题文章:

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