The price of the villa became a painter completely abandoned the unfinished building ca1834

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The price of the villa became a painter completely abandoned the unfinished building designed by 12 artists including Zhou Chunya, he duoling "Helan mountain" has been completely abandoned, developers said "sell is the worst, this is not against artists. Sunset, Helan Blue Mountain contour mapping was exceptionally clear, standing in the distance of Jin Shan Xiang highway more than and 40 km Yinchuan city looked, except as withered leaves of the trees, only artists designed buildings stands in the overgrown Wasteland: he duoling "spring villa", Zhou Chunya’s "Taihu stone series," Wu SHANZHUAN "meal type high road", Wang Guangyi "will", Ye Yongqing "Zeng Hao" grass ", it houses", Zhang Peili’s "home court" Geng "geometry", Mao Tongqiang’s "Jinshan room", Ding Yi’s "Taiwan villa" Hong Lei, the "labyrinth Wenfeng mountain room", Song Yongping’s "safool mountain room". "Helan mountain room" has been completely abandoned, these nearly completed buildings now stood alone in the suburbs of Yinchuan, more than and 40 kilometers south of Helan mountain, the unfinished project. And these architectural works of art may face the fate of being sold. Scene: overgrown with weeds, completely abandoned, in fact, was built in August (2004) on the stop." Zhou Chunya said. "Helan Mountain House" really deserted! The day before, when the reporter went straight to Yinchuan, "Helan mountain" is located, see the scene surprising: an area of more than 6 thousand acres of "AIKE Star Valley" ("Helan mountain" is the "AIKE Star Valley" in this project the first phase of the beginning of the site, a wall) had collapsed into the broken walls, in addition to the tall trees are still upright, looking ahead is full of weeds, placed a "AIKE Star Valley" house of the guard room was empty, the glass of the window is already crippled. Apparently, have long time unattended. Mao Tongqiang, one of the 12 designers in Helan, and also the only local artist in Yinchuan, went to the gate with reporters. Song Yongping stood in the design of the "safool mountain room" looked at, in addition to the leaves of the trees are withered as far as possible, only artists designed buildings stands in the overgrown wasteland. There are a few buildings in the case did not lock, see more people sigh: Zhou Chunya’s "Taihu series" exterior has been completed, there is no trace of decoration; Mao "Tongqiang Jinshan room" has been renovated more than half, but the dust all over the floor, "the design is the clubhouse, unfortunately!" Mao Tongqiang feeling good deep. Ye Yongqing designed the youth hostel "leaves of grass", several other buildings have been broken glass; can not enter, but is looking in similar scenes. Brilliant: early construction won the prize in the second half of 2003, I would like to engage in a cultural and artistic taste of tourism, leisure, vacation as one of the projects." Ningxia AIKE, Star Valley Tourism Industry Limited company chairman Chen Jia said that with his early study abroad in Europe and see about the project, he was also inspired by Pan Shiyi’s "Commune by the Great Wall", "Pan Shiyi invited twelve top architects, I invited twelve artists." The most important thing is to have the strength, at that time by him and contend for相关的主题文章:

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