The preliminary information Bosnian striker Dzeko and ibisevic play are misfiring ca1290

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The preliminary information: Bosnian striker Dzeko and ibisevic play are misfiring Monday 009             World Cup;; VS   Bosnia and Herzegovina Cyprus     2016-10-11 02:45         location: Billy Nuobojie stadium weather: 8 degrees sunny situation: the last round of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina the game with a complete lineup at attack in Belgium, the results of the team suffered a defeat, the final score of 0-4 defeat, the recent performance of Dzeko and ibisevic outstanding are misfiring in the league, team World Cup team 2 games won 1 wins and 1 losses record fell to third in the group. Due to the same group of the Greek team has won 2 straight record for Bosnia and Herzegovina for the war, the Cypriot side face of weaker, only got three points this goal. Cyprus team status: 4 games in Cyprus in 2016 all suffered defeat, after 2 friendlies has lost to Ukraine and Serbia, the first round of World Cup defeat to Cyprus home court of Belgium, the last round of the game the team’s 0-2 defeat to Greece, the 2 team all lost the war, a ball into the case, lost the 5 ball, currently only group ranked second last. Cyprus striker Soddy Leo U because of injury on the round did not get the opportunity to play, the war is still suspected. Clash of history: the last two teams clash race record, the Bosnian team made 1 wins and 1 losses record. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played the war out of the 1.16-5.50-12.00 SP combination, SMG data gave great confidence in the dominant tendency, Cyprus suffered defeat, poor performance, although a lot of Bosnia and Herzegovina defeated Belgium, but in the face of Cyprus or home court advantage, the disc of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Lord let the ball half water advantage on disk. Shortly after the plate transition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Lord let the ball half ball high water retaining surface potential, high difficulty pulling plate chip intervention, the Bosnian rebound is very high, and is expected to achieve a victory, SMG Shengping Fu played main wins wendan. The first prediction: Bosnia and Herzegovina: Begovic, Zukanovic, Spahi, Cora Cyna Chi, Bikaqiqi, lulic, Jajalo, May Dunja Chaanning, Dzeko, run on his ibisevic, Cyprus: Panagi, Levis, Dmitry, Haralambous, cut, Lu, Art Mattus, Efrem, Castano, Laban, Charalambides, Mei Di Si (to snow)相关的主题文章:

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