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Spirituality When I began on my psychic journey, some twenty years ago now, I was lucky enough to hold no preconceived ideas about how the process worked – it just did. I’m sure most of you can understand that as it will be how it came to you too. It will also explain why many doubt the psychic self. In our modern world we demand hard facts, statistics, reason. The hazy meanderings your mind takes during a psychic experience just doesn’t fall into those categories. But I say, match up to what? Do you want to have everything in your life proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? Or do you want some mystery and magic to hope upon, like the wishing star that we tell our children about, that is, until they are about five years of age! That’s when we have to let them down gently about their imaginary friends or the real truth about the fairies and elves and Santa Claus. I can remember when my youngest daughter stopped dressing up for pre-school and I could have cried, probably for myself as much as her, because it meant that I could no longer share her world of imagination in the same way as I had done with her for years and with my other children before her. I am sure many of you can relate to that story. I have not lost the connection with my imagination, luckily for my family and myself – and for whoever I meet on my life’s journey, in fact it is doing rather well. Naturally, psychic insight is not simply the power of imagination, as sceptics would have the world believe. The lack of any scientific foundation doesn’t make this power any less real. When a light turns on in my mind, how is this different from the sudden flash of inspiration that drives many a successful scientist? Sir Isaac Newton himself was fond of telling the story of how he discovered gravity, that the inspiration came to him after contemplating an apple falling from a tree. During a reading, that’s just how insights form in my mind. The ability to reach a heightened sense of awareness is just another way of describing the contemplative mood Isaac Newton was talking about. It is a mood where everying is possible and nothing can be dismissed. How can anyone, in any field of discovery, find anything new without allowing for the possibility of anything. Imagination, our power to wander off in out minds, is a constant in our lives. Sometimes enlivening, sometimes full of dread, yet always there. We can try to turn it off, in those moments where we try to rationalise our world, but it never quite goes away. There are people who claim to have no imagination but I find that hard to credit, hard to see how they never find moments that defy reason throughout their whole life. Times when a dream lingers into the day and haunts our waking hours, the chilling feeling that will .e during a scary film, or that certain something that .es when you catch someones eye. None of this could happen without your imagination. You might be rather surprised when I talk about imagination serving a purpose, because it often feels like a wayward child over whom you have little control. Imagination is spontaneous, it is erratic at times, and it can take over when you are anxious or fearful, especially when the cause and effect movie script takes over in your mind. Your imagination likes to be given an open ticket to ride, but remember that it operates at its very best when you are driving the magic carpet! So how does my imagination form in my psychic work? I have now a highly built sense of intuition, developed over the years that allows me to find the right place. Due to my never denying the power my imagination holds. In a reading I can relax into a place where the intuitions flow and my imagination has the ability to grasp hold of them and give them life and colour. I can be talking constantly to my client but behind the scenes I will be processing and forming the insights I share with you. Like Mozart, who always claimed his best work was done when his wife was reading out loud to him. Sometimes a psychic image can be in my mind very early in a reading, and stays. I have learnt to recognise that this means something, often a message that the person or thing that is hanging around is doing so because there has not been a resolution. It could mean that there is more to .e and that person or thing is not ready to go or even needs you to be stronger so there can be a resolution. Whatever it means will .e to me because I accept that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and my psychic insight needs my co-operation and confidence. And so too does yours. Just keep talking and let your very talented subconscious do the work! You never know what music you will write! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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