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The office of the State Office issued a document: farmers settled into the city without pulling out the contract Sohu news July 22, 2014, the right of contracted management rights of rural land in Huicheng District of Guangdong city of Huizhou province registration certification ceremony, the villagers get the right to land contractual management. The visual map Chinese Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) according to Xinhua news agency, yesterday, the office of the State Office issued the "opinions on perfecting the ownership of land management rights contract rights division to rural areas" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), requirement of improving the management of rural land ownership, contract rights, rights division (hereinafter referred to as the "three the right to split"), continue to explore effective forms of collective ownership of rural land, the implementation of collective ownership, farmers stable contractual rights, liberalize land management rights. "Opinions" requirement, shall not be illegal to adjust the farmers contracted land, shall not withdraw from the land contract rights as farmers settled in the city conditions. Not illegal to adjust the contract farmers to "opinions" put forward, to gradually form a "Three Rights Separation" pattern, namely the implementation of collective ownership, farmers stable contractual rights, liberalize land management rights, give full play to the "three rights" the function and overall utility. In the implementation of the "opinions" said, we must always adhere to the fundamental position of rural collective ownership of land. In the process of improving the "three rights division" approach, we should fully safeguard the collective contract, contract, supervision, recovery and other functions. At the same time, through the establishment of a collective economic organization of democratic procedure mechanism, ensure the effective exercise of peasants’ collective ownership of collective land, prevent the minority favoritism for personal gain. Opinions also stressed the strict protection of farmers contract. The farmers’ contracted land shall not be illegally adjusted, and the right to withdraw the land contract shall not be used as a condition for the farmers to settle down in the city. Encourage the use of land stock cooperation, on the basis of this, the "opinions" to speed up the deregulation of land management rights, and gradually improve the "three rights" relationship. Including guide land management rights to farming experts and new business entities, according to the law to carry out the land management right mortgage financing measures. Encourage the use of the land stock cooperative, land trust, through the generation and other operations, to explore more efficient ways to liberalize land management right. The perfect "three power division" approach involving multiple interests, in order to ensure that the "Three Rights Separation" orderly implementation, "opinions" pointed out that to do a good job of rural land ownership registration certification work, establish and perfect the land transfer standard management system, improve the "Three Rights Separation" laws and regulations and other measures. In August this year, the twenty-seventh meeting of the central leading group comprehensively deepen reform passed the opinions on the improvement of the right to operate the rural land ownership contract approach. The focus of "Three Rights Separation" liberalize land management rights, the beginning of reform and opening up, the implementation of the household contract responsibility system in rural areas, will be divided into land ownership and contracted, owned by the collective contract and management rights owned by farmers. "Opinions", which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of farmers, effectively solve the problem of food and clothing. At this stage, in order to deepen the reform of rural land system, the land contract management right is divided into the contracting right and the management right相关的主题文章:

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