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The more than 1 thousand and 800 dog food volunteers hope dog lovers can donate some food with dog food, the volunteers made anxious photo reporter Chen Feibo "I hope there are more people who love dogs, can give the dog here donate some dog food, if food is more expensive, even donate some flour also, we give the dog to eat steamed bread. They always make a full stomach." Yesterday morning, the newspaper received a dog lovers call for help, and hope to help the object to be more than 1 thousand and 800 dogs. The more than 1 thousand and 800 dogs have to do Xi’an small animal protection association of the 108 National Highway in Xi’an City Street Ma Wang courtyard, the Volunteers Association is the preparation of all operation of all funds from donations of caring people, not only spend money to make money in the current stage. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the Xi’an small animal protection association, although the name is called the small animal protection association, but almost all the dog living in the yard. Volunteer Yang said: "we are now the most contact is rescue dog, animal protection encountered sick, we give it after treatment, can release nature. But the dog can not, if they do not have to be raised here, it will become a stray dog, there will be disorderly reproduction of people’s normal life." The reporter saw the scene, although about 30% of the dog when it is sent, it has skin disease, canine distemper, trauma, disability and other issues, but volunteers are still the good care, and according to the time sent for isolation, isolation after eliminate the epidemic, quarantine maintenance according to the elements of dog size the degree of male and female, and ferocious. Here, the dog is the owner, the volunteer is the waiter. The reporter saw the scene, after the quarantine period, do not have infectivity, mild attack dogs will be timed batch out of the cage to relax. Walking in the yard, from time to time there are dogs with the tail wagging behind. Volunteer Yang said: "here the annual rent 100 thousand per month, at least 30 thousand pieces of food, we have 7 full-time staff. And all of this expenditure is the volunteers to donate, this is not to give the dog the cost of seeing a doctor." The reporter understands, let the dog not hungry, every day at least 10 bags of dog food, each bag is 40 pounds, the cheapest 115 yuan every month to buy a bag of dog food, only need at least 34500 yuan. In order to let the more than 1 thousand and 800 dogs in the yard full stomach, this account volunteers countless times. A volunteer told reporters: "we have a lot of people have a job, spend time with these dogs to spend time with their families, work hard to earn money to support them. There is a doctor, eighty percent of her income is spent on these dogs. As we all know, the average life expectancy of dogs in more than 10 years, where the average annual return of 500 to 700 dogs. But because of various reasons, the number is less than a fraction of adoption. Judging from the current operation, the burden is still very tired. In order to save money, we can’t help it, he gave the dog steamed buns, rather than food cheap, even so, we are looking forward to more good people, help these puppies to send food to them or take them home." Reporter Li Jia note: video only to expand reading. Australia’s largest dog weighing 113 kilograms of grain相关的主题文章:

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