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The many "fimi focus: after" a "good" married? Sohu – reading network serial hits, "my super popular original comic series" original author FEFE with a relaxed, humorous style and story, as thousands of "fimi" created a stay optimistic, adorable and hard struggle and hope of "good" image. After a lapse of 5 years, FEFE’s popular "sunflower" has a new trend. Once in my life "" University "the boss for a raise" growth log type picture books on my efforts to their personal problems, and now life happiness is "the fimi has been a concern.". 12 QQ group ", FEFE fimi nest" in 2017 January and relay press jointly launched the "good life" series, in addition to the revised "" my university life "" the boss for a raise, "", "my happy life" series also includes 100 new book "boyfriend 50 my husband" and "little points here", the first public school or both after employment, especially good at self encouragement, self comfort and fall rapidly resurgence adorable female man good, how in the face of the mother, the blind after constantly give personal advice and a series of poison brave love tour, and after Leo and Pisces, running along…… In a series of hilarious and contemplative pictures, they ushered in the domineering Leo small good, life is still full of frustration, but full of joy! The first relay press revised launched "my university life" and "the boss for a raise", updated some sections of content, more fit the current reality 90 and 00 after the college life, for wage earners, after the revision of "the boss for a raise" is put forward and advancing strategy for a raise! "I finish college life", "learning" tips from the boss, asking for a raise at the same time, let us and the "fimi" together, waiting for the "100" and "50 boyfriend husband to my little"!相关的主题文章:

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