The mainland businessman in Hong Kong debt owed imprisoned fake security department suspects intimid ricky lee neely

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The mainland businessman in Hong Kong debt owed imprisoned fake security department suspects threats Beijing Beijing October 25 Xinhua Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" reported that the mainland real estate tycoon in Macao gambling hall owed 480 million yuan (HK $, the same below) of debt, and in November 2014 he went to Hongkong to discuss the debt financing legal adviser, several men suspected abducted from the The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, to Lin Cun and plum Jing Kou village house during the period of imprisonment, was beaten, rich business left orbital periosteum and left forearm bruises tenderness, the legal adviser to the lower jaw slightly tender. The 4 defendants are Huang Weixin, Lin Cizhen, Peng Zhixing and Liu Ziwei, accused of "others detained and forcibly taken away or intent to obtain ransom" crime cases, 25 this month in the Hongkong high court trial. The prosecution said the charges mention 2 other people Peng Zhigang and Zhang Weiyi, the court has made earlier. The opening statement refers to the defendants involved in the kidnapping of the merchant and the law on November 1, 2014 to 6 Gu to ransom, until two people escape, which lasted 4 days before and after, and the requirements of the ransom of 480 million yuan. The evening of November 1, 2014, the fourth defendants named 2 victims on the bus, after boarding two people were hit, someone with no pure Mandarin claiming to be "Guoanju" warning, two of them don’t resist. Arrive at plum Lin Shi house, two people were bandits with tape tied his hands, Peng Zhigang will be placed in front of the underground iron merchant, said that if not repay, "he will do", buried in the mountains. The next day, Peng took the businessman signed IOU threatened, refers to the merchant was a celebrity, his wife is also a famous people to death and do not hurt the family to pay back the money, also claimed that "national security has been in control, if not to pay back the money, he will pick up the national security".相关的主题文章:

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