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The "double" of Henan, where the wind come from? Henan Channel – reporter Luan Shan – October 12th, 2016 national "double" Week theme activities branch of Henan Province — Henan venture investment and innovation forum held in Zhengzhou high tech Zone, venture capital institutions, policy experts, angel investors together into the depth of field smartfortune sharing, together to find in Henan province "Jobs" or "ma". Business can not be done overnight in the summer of 2014 Davos forum, Premier Li Keqiang issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, arousing the nation’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm. A lot of people with a dream in the "double" outlet, began to think: "I can do what?" "At first thought entrepreneurship is simply doing business." 4 years ago, out of the gate of Chen Xing, with "Internet plus tea" entrepreneurial dreams, visited the 3 Zhengzhou tea, more than and 600 tea shops, more than and 200 houses, entrepreneurship is not so simple. Financial difficulties need to be overcome, vision, ideas, creativity and other aspects of the need to break through." He said. Finally, based on the "Internet plus tea from the inspiration, he made a pot of gold. Entrepreneurship is not easy. Henan University of science and Technology Park in the country of Jin Yuan business incubator for countless hearts dream entrepreneurs to provide low-cost, personalized, one-stop, all elements of the service. On average, each of the 100 projects, only 8% of the project formally set up entrepreneurial team." Zhao Changsheng, founder of the incubator, said, we do not reject any inspiration and creativity, but entrepreneurship can not be done overnight." Inspiration, teamwork, business models, funding, timing are five important factors to success. Among them, the most important time." Pine innovation incubator partner Wang Jingguo said: the good time, you have a good inspiration, the funds will come to you." The development of the new economy and the development of new kinetic energy new technology is bound to continue to guide the industrial revolution, and traditional industries will also be in the collision with the Internet, the rebirth. Therefore, the development of the new economy, foster new energy "was set for the 2016 national" double "Week theme, aims to accelerate new energy growth and upgrade the traditional energy, promote the" double "agglomeration docking. "Morgan Stanley Capital International China index, consumer discretionary, healthcare and IT plate, and formed a sharp contrast between the energy, materials and industrial sectors, Chinese show that the" new economy "to far more than the" old economy ". 2015 third quarter, the top three revenues grew by 22%, respectively, and 20%, respectively, after the last year, the revenue of the three fell by 32%, respectively, and 16% and 1%." Feng Jia International Group founder Geng Jian said. The integration and innovation of new technology and traditional industry is becoming a new trend of industrial development in 2016." Xu Degang, deputy director of the Key Laboratory of Ministry of education, Henan University of Technology. The old industrial shift, just let the country approved a "double" demonstration base in Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area in the right direction. They think "bold", is "down to earth", is to do all)相关的主题文章:

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