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Internet-Marketing 1) Direct Visitors When you submit one of your articles to another website, you’ll be allowed to add a small resource box that includes a link to your site. That’s your payment for increasing the amount of content on their website. Over time, as you write and submit articles, your link will appear on hundreds and thousands of webpages. And if your articles are interesting, people will click through to see what else you’ve got to say. These are direct visitors. 2) Indirect Visitors One way links are a vital part of website promotion because search engines take them as a positive vote about the quality of your site. So all of these resource box links that you pick up as your articles are published will help to boost your search engine rankings. That means more indirect traffic for your site. 3) Be.e An Expert In Your Field If you have a site about debt, and you write hundreds of articles about the subject, over time people will begin to see you as an expert on the subject. They’ll begin to associate your name with the topic and when they want information or advice on the subject, they’ll look towards you for help. And article writing is one of the best ways to be.e known as an expert in your field. 4) Targeted And Free Writing articles is one of the best ways to attract thousands of visitors to your site. But the traffic has two major advantages over normal website visitors. It’s both targeted and free. a) It’s targeted because it will only attract people who are at least broadly interested in what you have to offer. After all, if someone clicks through from one of your articles or finds you through a search engine, we can assume that they’re interested in the subject of your site. b) It’s free because you don’t need a vast advertising budget, just the time it takes you to write and distribute your articles. 5) Flexible And Unlimited Article writing is the ultimate form of flexible website promotion. a) It’s flexible because internet marketing using articles is a gradual building process. You can write and promote your articles whenever you have a few spare moments, unlike a major advertising campaign which requires much more of your time and attention to organise. b) It’s unlimited because you can write articles about almost anything. Whatever your subject you can find an almost unlimited amount of information about it on the internet. Add your own knowledge and experience to that research, wrap it up in an attractive writing style and a virtually endless supply of new articles is possible. 6) It’s Yours To Keep When you write an article, you automatically own the copyright to it. That means you can do whatever you want with your articles. Publish them on your own site. Distribute them to other sites. You could even .pile all your articles into a free ebook or ecourse and use it to build your list of opt-in subscribers. The options are only limited by your imagination and creativity. So if you need more traffic, more subscribers and more sales, I highly re.mend an article writing campaign as part of your inter. marketing strategy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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