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Ten of the most outstanding domestic animation ranking of many children love watching cartoon movies, we feel watching the most should be the manga, and China should be less diffuse, recently released the film "big fish" Begonia country diffuse count good, in the latest ranking in the country diffuse "Mahatma return" ranked third however, ranked first is the "Qin moon", second is "Kuiba". We are not difficult to find the level of domestic animation compared to before, has been raised too much, but you like to see which works? The following is the specific rank: NO.1 "qinshiming series" "qinshiming" comic series from 2007 launch date, has been out of the 5 season of "day extension of Animation Animation Songs" if some cadres and a large movie theaters. The truth is not a small series of the love of man, but with the update, the mystery of science and technology in the picture, story, and a map of action than a more excellent, small or gradually fell in love with this cartoon. NO.2 "Kuiba" "Kuiba" in style and plot are kind of diffuse feeling, although the feeling of some difference in the original, but have to say the story closely, set the grand or so some big feeling, has been the 3 largest film, but by the effects of domestic cartoons still depressed at the time, the box office is not very successful, the animation form of serial TV. "NO.3" phenomenon of big fish Begonia making domestic film, audience was once considered the "king return" after a super animation IP, China Wind elements authentic plus even 3D effects are incomparable scenes really give people too much shock, but has to go to the cinema to brush off the audience in the story really want to say, only the words, etc. the 12 year results we only wait for a Green Tea bitch….. NO.4 "return" "return" the king is a completely without any exaggeration can also use data and reputation to gain a foothold in the works, or the milepost of domestic animation, which is a milepost type exists. Although the film was criticized a lot in the story and picture, but in the "king return" after really let people see the future and hope of the country man. NO.5 "Dragon Valley · dawn Jones" this animated film adaptation of "grand game Dragon Valley", a domestic film company to do animation abruptly a Disney animation feeling, no country wind element, the biggest characteristic of authentic European magic is this animation. But on the plot and screen production, called the domestic top level. NO.6 "one hundred thousand joke" "one hundred thousand" and a few jokes on the style is completely different, to say a few works in the theme is a bit serious, but also in the height from time to time to our future standards strictly diffuse and comment on the ten, "cold" is a wonderful work of domestic animation. Is not too much to the style, but wins in the plot brain hole wide open, humorous, the whole look down and can be used to evaluate the toxic. NO.7 "town soul Street"相关的主题文章:

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