State Council twentieth inspection teams continue to supervise the field in Jilin

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The twentieth inspection teams to Jilin province in the on-site inspection of the September 23rd news (reporter Sun Chunyan Li Yiqiang) 23, the State Council twentieth inspection teams to field inspection in our province were held in the morning, Changchun NPC deputies and CPPCC members of the forum, the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are mainly responsible for the forum. Inspection team leader, executive vice president of National School of Administration Ma Jiantang, deputy head of the inspection team, deputy director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission Wang, Wen Bin, chaired the forum. At the meeting, the inspection group listened to the relevant personnel to maintain stable economic development, promote the supply side structural reform, promote innovation driven development, protect and improve people’s livelihood four opinions and suggestions to promote our province; understand the local development environment, in the local enterprises to implement the central policies, promote local development of enterprises. In Changchun NPC deputies and CPPCC National Committee members have to further promote the province’s economic and social development suggestions. We suggest that the government introduced policies to support the reform of state-owned enterprises in old industrial base, strengthen fiscal policy in the role of special funds to broaden the financing channels; strengthen policy support, to make a difference in innovation and development, to further stabilize the scientific research team, through increased research funding, scientific research team to give greater autonomy etc., to mobilize the enthusiasm of innovation of scientific research personnel. To accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements; attention to food inventory work, early planning, co-ordination arrangements, from a long-term perspective to ensure that farmers’ income is not reduced; the transformation of functions, the construction of an honest government, to create a favorable legal environment; vigorously develop the private economy, highlighting the development of service industry, to further build the brand. To participate in the forum of the responsible person said, I hope the government to further promote the reform of state-owned enterprises running social functions; support enterprises to set up the green transformation and development fund, the implementation of key state-owned forest early retirement incentives; share financing guarantee risk, promote financial market prosperity; to further standardize the order of the electric power market, improve the Jilin province northeast new delivery the share of electricity; that the government provide communication infrastructure planning approval one-stop service. According to the practical difficulties encountered in the state-owned enterprises to the production capacity, the placement of surplus staff in the process, enterprises responsible person suggested that the state enterprise policy support, to speed up the relevant policy of factory run collective enterprises landing, to further promote the socialization management of retirees from. Afternoon, the group conducted a provincial government affairs hall to Changchun city and two District Dongsheng Street public affairs center, Changchun city government hall field view, visited the service business representatives, and representatives of the masses, the forum of private entrepreneurs, the scene of the discharge pipe service reform situation, focus on the reform of the investment on the discharge pipe to suit "reform especially approval opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs. The office window in the province of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial environmental protection department for approval, Ma Jiantang one by one with the staff and came to the office to talk to people, a detailed understanding of the discharge pipe service reform, and fully affirmed Jilin province to further promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system, reducing pre-approval, to promote the "Internet plus government services such as the convenience of enterprise practice. At the forum, Ma Jiantang and the inspection group listened to Jilin Province, private entrepreneurs are Changchun city in Jilin Province, decentralization.相关的主题文章:

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