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Travel-and-Leisure Everyone dreams of spending their vacation in an exotic locale: Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hawaii are all popular destinations, or at least those that seem to be most frequently discussed. For many people, though, these destinations aren’t within their means if not financially, then logistically. So how can you have a satisfying vacation at a seemingly less exotic destination? Texas vacations are highly underrated, as they offer plenty of opportunities for a great vacation within spittin distance, as we like to say. Most vacationers, if they’re being honest with themselves, will spend a lot of time shopping and dining at a destination at places which, frankly, they could have found in any other large city. Texas, however, is home to more cities of more than a million residents than any other state besides California, and many of those cities contain often overlooked attractions and amenities. Houston contains some of the most celebrated art, music and theater in the country, and Dallas presents stiff .petition in those categories, as well. Austin and San Antonio likewise are home to fantastic attractions for Texas vacations; Lake Travis, Sea World San Antonio, and the River Walk are all favorite Texas vacations and are located near shopping and dining .parable to what you’ll find at more prestigious destinations. A challenge-sometimes a benefit-of Texas vacations is the general lack of public transportation. Whereas in a place like New York you would want to stay somewhere downtown close to a rail hub or the subway, in most Texas cities-although you have to navigate for yourself-you have a much greater deal of flexibility as to where you stay. You could stay in a less expensive peripheral area that still has great amenities-for example, Arlington or Irving in Dallas, or The Woodlands in Houston-and explore the city on your own time, saving a bundle in the process. The Woodlands, for example, is a great vacation destination in and of itself, offering world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. The other advantage this strategy provides is the opportunity to explore some of the exurban areas in Texas, which are often great vacation destinations in their own right. Antiquing, local festivals, great dining and bluebon.s are all to be found just an hour’s drive outside of Houston, Dallas, or Austin. Doing a little exploring on your own along Texas back roads just a short drive outside of the state’s major cities can yield a fascinating vacation full of natural beauty, rural quaintness, great food and historical interest. Do your own research and see what Texas vacations have to offer you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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