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Shenzhen: go all out to support the financing of Listed Companies in Inner Mongolia sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my Securities Times Online (09) on 13 September 12th, vice chairman of the autonomous region, the light cloud meets with Wang Jianjun, general manager of the Shenzhen stock exchange, and on behalf of the government of the autonomous region and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange signed "the people’s Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region · Shenzhen stock exchange strategic cooperation framework agreement". According to the Inner Mongolia Daily reported, cloud light welcomed the Wang Jianjun line, and briefly introduced the economic and social development of the autonomous region. He said, thanks to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange of Inner Mongolia’s capital market support, the autonomous region and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement is a good start comprehensive cooperation between the two sides, in the next step of the cooperation, more important is the content of the agreement will be implemented through the establishment of a listed company intends to foster cooperation between mechanism and financing the tool of new products and new service cooperation mechanism, cooperation mechanism, and actively carry out technical supervision, personnel, services and other aspects of cooperation and exchanges, promote enterprises through restructuring and listing, mergers and acquisitions, bond issuance to achieve bigger and stronger, to promote the optimization of economic structure and the transformation and upgrading of the autonomous region. Wang Jianjun said that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will be strategic cooperation as an opportunity to support Inner Mongolia enterprises listing and financing, to promote the healthy and rapid development of the capital market in Inner Mongolia. At present, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange bond market has great development space, Inner Mongolia can seize this opportunity, strengthen the development of bond financing. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange will be in accordance with the Securities Regulatory Commission issued the "Chinese Commission on capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation service strategy of Inner Mongolia opinions", the impoverished counties meet the listing requirements of the enterprise open a green channel. At the same time, Shenzhen will strengthen the Inner Mongolia capital market development, business training, and strive to build the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Service regional capital market development of Inner Mongolia model". (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion

深交所:全力以赴支持内蒙古企业上市融资 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 你参赛你赚你拿 总能让你过把瘾   证券时报网()09月13日讯   9月12日,自治区副主席云光中会见深圳证券交易所总经理王建军一行,并代表自治区政府与深交所签署《内蒙古自治区人民政府·深圳证券交易所战略合作框架协议》。   据内蒙古日报报道,云光中对王建军一行表示欢迎,并简要介绍了自治区的经济社会发展情况。他说,感谢深交所对内蒙古资本市场的大力支持,此次,自治区与深交所战略合作框架协议的签署是双方全面合作的良好开始,在下一步的合作中,更重要的是将协议的内容落到实处,通过建立拟上市公司合作培育机制、融资工具合作机制、新产品新服务合作机制,积极开展技术、监管、人才、服务等方面的合作交流,推动企业通过改制上市、并购重组、债券发行等实现做大做强,促进自治区经济结构优化和转型升级。   王建军表示,深交所将以战略合作为契机,全力以赴支持内蒙古企业上市融资,推动内蒙古资本市场健康快速发展。当前,深交所债券市场有很大的发展空间,内蒙古可以抓住这一机会,加强发展债券融资业务。深交所将按照证监会发布的《中国证监会关于发挥资本市场作用服务国家脱贫攻坚战略的意见》,对内蒙古贫困旗县符合上市条件的企业开通绿色渠道。同时,深交所将加强对内蒙古资本市场发展的业务培训,努力打造深交所服务区域资本市场发展的“内蒙古模式”。   (证券时报网快讯中心) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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