Shaanxi statistical open day prize quiz activities to participate in the opportunity to win prizes

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Shaanxi statistical open day prize quiz activities to participate in the opportunity to win the prize to scan the two-dimensional code below, directly into the question of Shaanxi Province seventh China Statistical open day event held in September 20th. According to the National Bureau of statistics of the unified arrangement, the open day to promote the third national agricultural census as the main content, the theme of "agricultural census Fu to the farm", to vigorously promote the significance of the national survey, called on the community to actively support and cooperate with the census, for the smooth implementation to create a good public opinion environment. In addition to publishing the relevant paper publicity materials, Statistics Bureau of Shaanxi Province, one of the highlights of open day activities in the efficient use of network media, that is, to develop network promotional products, carried out the propaganda on the internet. This open day activities, the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of statistics and the Tencent will be the net for the first time the depth of cooperation, to ensure all the province’s statistical open day news reported the first time; making the agricultural census publicity, focus on publicity activities on site and online; making H5 and graphic and other new media, through the Shaanxi daily net, Tencent such as the province and outside the mainstream newspapers and online media, and Shaanxi WeChat and micro-blog official statistics official carried out extensive publicity; the development of statistical knowledge quiz game, quiz activities have been in full swing, and vigorously promote the agricultural census and statistics. Scan and focus on Shaanxi statistics micro signal to understand the details of the event相关的主题文章:

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