Serve From The Overflow, Not A Half-full

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Self-Improvement Entrepreneurs, parents, friends, employees, managers, spouses, business owners, even kids… everyone is in a place in their lives to serve. Kids learn to share, businesses provide a product or service, spouses give themselves intimately, friends give their time and listen, parents give their lives to raise healthy, loving people who can contribute something great to society, strangers hold doors for someone whose hands are full… No matter who we are to anyone, we are here to serve. And a huge lesson in life, that the universe tries to teach us, is that we can’t serve from what we lack. If we’re sick in bed because we didn’t take care of our bodies, how are we going to share our gift of music performance? If you’re emotionally drained, how can you lend your ear to a friend when their girlfriend just broke up with them? Where is this concept coming from? Well, Lisa Nichols has changed my world yesterday. Let me explain: as a part of a business community that embodies serving each other and the world at large, I am blessed to constantly be surrounded by mentors and the most inspiring people alive today. Lisa Nichols shared a concept that will change the way I live my life forever. Serve from the saucer. It’s easy to serve when your cup is empty, half-full. Mothers do it all the time and burn themselves out. People burn out even when they serve from a full-cup. But what about serving from overflow? That way, you can constantly give without depletion. Fill your cup with quiet time in the presence of God, fill it with something that gives you peace like nature photography or writing in your journal. Get a massage, eat healthy foods, exercise. Be open to receiving. That one is big, because sometimes we choose to serve from our lacking cup because of pride. Receiving from others, whether it’s help, a gift or receiving any kind of service with gratitude is an act of humility. And it’s a very, very good thing. It also allows others to serve. And it’s a circle of paying it forward that makes this world as a whole a better place to live. While "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" (Mahatma Gandhi), paying it forward, giving from an overflow of receiving makes the whole world fuller. If you want to change the world, begin with yourself. Today when on a call with my business community, we reflected on the call, and were reminded of Martin Latulippe who is a luminary on our Discovery Series home study personal transformational system. He reminded us of the importance of airplane safety, when the oxygen masks are released, place your mask on your face first, so that you can then assist others. Take care of yourself first so you can take care of the greater good of those around you. Nurture your gifts, so that you can enhance others lives. Be filled with gratitude, goodness and joy – and in your overflow, serve. Live that life of gratitude and service. Are you placing yourself in an environment that is conducive to your growth? How can you humbly receive more to be able to give more from your overflow? Well, if you’d like to connect with my community, become a fan on Facebook (see my link in "About the Author") and you’ll get updates on the weekly calls we have with epic people from Greg S. Reid (author of Three Feet From Gold), Mike Robbins (baseball star and author of Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken), Dr. Judith Orloff (author of Second Sight and Emotional Freedom). About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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