Seiko revealed details of Taihe Xifu compound Dinghao heart

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Seiko revealed details of Taihe Xifu compound Ding Hao heart [Abstract] of course both heart and professional products is there, CAC is one of the West courtyard saying, don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier. In the real estate market, there is no one top luxury heart, is definitely not luxury. The high price of forced, prices have gone up, the pan mansion will be spread in the real estate market in Beijing. However, the high price is not representative of luxury. According to industry veteran of the Beijing high-end projects kicked off the conclusion, some project team hard enough but are flawed, some project team with rich experience and professional enough, but not hard, lack of polished product details. Of course, both heart and professional products is there, CAC (real estate information) west courtyard is one of them. Not long ago, the West courtyard reveals its true thaihot face to the world, and a model of landscape real demonstration area without reservation open, just three days, will attract hundreds of customers to group tasting, insiders praise all the details of its intentions, the new Chinese style and modern perfect fusion, called the Beijing top luxury market in the model of human settlements. Howard: beauty in the window in the garden state, CAC has always been a veteran, is a master. The yard line products garden, visited the people will be deeply impressed, not that many precious trees in the yard, but can make all kinds of elements in the yard, trees, flowers, water, collocation harmony, artistic conception and rich architectural style so beautiful all blend into one harmonious whole. Now, as the first Department of Taihe compound products, Taihe garden courtyard Xifu is also made in its 20 years reach the acme of perfection, Taihe hospital experience, the world presents a as beautiful as the picture of the garden, shooting across the north and south, throughout history, will converge to a spectacular Kyushu garden, the owners are not out of Beijing in China, you can note. The demonstration area in the real "Canglang Zhuo Ying", is borrowed from one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou of the Canglang pavilion! The so-called "Canglang Zhuo Ying", namely "the surging waves of the water I can wash my tassel, turbid can wash my feet", reflects the carefree life mood and attitude, and this attitude to life and life situation is to build a courtyard house thaihot for owners. In addition, each element in the garden setting, each element of the other, have rich connotation, is entrusted with the owner of the courtyard house Taihe wishes. It can be said that the details of the truth. Hao in the house: in detail in addition to the truth, the details have to see the strength. So don’t let the beauty nirvana, into the house, the regret. Taihe compound already the first step to the west, 270° viewing design, large windows, enjoy the beauty of a broad perspective of kyushu. Just imagine, shaking the wine cup, near the window, the enjoyment of life is just so so. Another highlight is the strength of the details of the CAC, in order to build the first China mansion, CAC will conduct rigorous screening of the stone, after the color and texture of the nuances of capture, in order to make it perfect, finally let the elegant gas filled room. Apart from the hardware intentions, CAC is also Xifu compound of humanistic care in every possible way, the ultimate fresh air system, constant temperature, constant oxygen humidification system, household water purification and water softener system, 7相关的主题文章:

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