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Samsung Note 7 battery explosion was caused by the user the whole car fire – Sohu technology [Technews] Note 7 science news bombing yiboweiping another problem to the recovery of Samsung mobile phone, the amount of the loss is estimated at $1 billion, however, this does not include the additional losses caused by consumers the amount of. Recently, the United States, Florida, a man on the Facebook claimed that he was in charge of the car for the Note 7, just get off the car, came back and found the whole car was the whole fire. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in recent days strongly recommend Note 7 users on the plane do not charge or boot, so as to avoid the security problem, but we did not expect that, in the car charging may also have serious problems. The beauty of a man named Nathan Dornacher the Note 7 on the car charging, cold air on the car drove off and after the family moved to furniture, he wanted to enter his mobile phone, he found the car on fire, want to quickly get the fire extinguisher fire has not had to. Seek help of the fire brigade. The fire, Dornacher Note 7 has been charred beyond recognition. (Source:Facebook) to help the fire brigade to put out the fire, the front of the Dornacher has been burned, and its Note 7 is too hot to see it was a mobile phone. Although Dornacher is no conclusive evidence that the true fire point is 7 Note, but he also said the investigation all the clues are pointing to the mobile phone is to blame, Samsung is also the victim and cooperate in the investigation of the whole incident in the end is how it happened. If a true whole fire was caused by Note 7, Samsung Note 7 is not the only loss in the mobile phone recycling cost, have civil litigation and compensation and together with another, for Samsung, it will be a very long way. Related links (first figure source: Facebook) extended reading相关的主题文章:

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