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Food poisoning claims in Egypt have increased in the past few years and more holidaymakers than ever are claiming .pensation from the tour operators than ever before. Poor standards of food and hygiene are often said to be to blame for holiday illness in Egypt and elsewhere and, if you have suffered as a result of eating contaminated food in a package tour hotel in Egypt, you should claim .pensation from the tour operator. A no win, no fee personal injury solicitor in the UK will not charge you a penny to make a claim and, however mild or serious your symptoms are, you could claim a significant amount of .pensation if your illness was caused by someone else. Hundreds of cases of holiday food poisoning in Egypt have been reported during the past 12 months and many holidaymakers are making claims for .pensation against tour operators in the UK. .mon Q and As about holiday food poisoning in Egypt include: 1.How does food poisoning occur in the Egypt? Holiday food poisoning .monly occurs in Egypt and elsewhere when contaminated food is ingested. Cross contamination of food often causes illness and this usually occurs when the same foods are prepared on the same cutting boards without them being washed in between and from raw meat being stored above ready to eat foods in the fridge. 2.Who is most likely to contract food poisoning in Egypt? Anyone can contract food poisoning, although young children, older people, people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women are most likely to be.e seriously ill with more severe symptoms of the illness and it is vital they seek immediate medical help. 3.Can I claim for holiday food poisoning when I return to the UK? Yes, providing you were staying in a package tour holiday hotel and the illness was caused by the negligence of the tour operator, you can make a claim for .pensation in the UK. 4.How long will it take to claim holiday food poisoning .pensation? It depends how quickly the tour operator responds to the correspondence from your solicitor and whether or not they accept responsibility for your illness. A personal injury solicitor will be able to advise you of the expected time scale once he/she has assessed your case. 5.What are the most .mon types of holiday illness in Egypt? .mon types of holiday illness in Egypt include: Salmonella food poisoning and E.coli food poisoning which can cause severe symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever. 6.How much will it cost me to claim holiday illness .pensation? If you use a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor, who will pay you 100% of the .pensation, it wont cost you a penny to make a claim. 7.What symptoms will I suffer if I contract food poisoning in the Egypt? If you contract food poisoning in Egypt you are likely to suffer from sickness, diarrhoea and stomach cramps, plus fever and headaches. 8.Which foods usually cause food poisoning in Egypt? Any food can cause food poisoning in Egypt and elsewhere but you should always avoid undercooked meat, particularly poultry, pork or mince products and never eat hot food which is served lukewarm or food served from a holiday buffet which is left out, uncovered. 9.What causes Salmonella food poisoning in Egypt? Salmonella food poisoning is caused by bacteria entering food and, in turn, entering the human system after consumption. Salmonella can .monly be found in eggs, raw meat and poultry and unpasteurised milk. 10.How can I make a .pensation claim for food poisoning in the Egypt? Contact a personal injury solicitor in the UK who works on a no win, no fee basis and one who will pay you 100% of the .pensation you deserve. Use a regulated solicitor who has experience of handling holiday illness .pensation claims and who has a good understanding of travel law. Tour operators have a legal responsibility not to expose you to holiday illness and, however mild or severe your symptoms are, you can make a claim for loss of enjoyment of your holiday, dis.fort and pain and medical expenses, provided the negligence of the tour operator caused your illness. 相关的主题文章:

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