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Qiao Renliang’s last episode of "goddess" recall the moment of the warm heart of God [Abstract] as the last recorded reality show, when she was alive, "Hello goddess" on the morning of 17, micro-blog released a long memory of Qiao Renliang. It is understood that he recorded this program will be based on the original plan today (Wednesday) at 20 points on the video online. [image] last incarnation of Qiao Renliang warm comfort of female students tutor bungee Taiwan Tencent entertainment news the evening of September 16th, the young actor and singer Qiao Renliang died in Shanghai news, or circle of friends or fans were shocked, sound and mourn. As his last recorded live reality show, "Hello goddess" on the morning of 17 released a long memory of micro-blog Qiao Renliang. At present, this micro-blog received a lot of fans message, asked whether the program will be broadcast on schedule. It is understood that this program will be based on the original plan today (Wednesday) at 20 points on the video online. "We are willing to permanently save his warm, sincere and kind, to read, let the dead rest in peace, living strong." "Hello! Goddess" program notice wrote. Warm heart "sparring" goddess of victory over fear Qiao Renliang has encouraged bungee jumping to the sun, full of vitality image appears in front of people, this period "Hello! Goddess" program, the task set male god Qiao Renliang, is taught how to maintain the vitality of the goddess. Just enter the goddess castle, Qiao Renliang jokes that he is "practice", will not relent. But when she began to train the full range of the ability of the goddess, Qiao Renliang was particularly considerate. Bungee jumping table, Li Linyu, Wan Sui, Li Yuanyi because of fear and scared shivering, did not dare to take the first step. Although Qiao Renliang is distressed, but still hope that they will be able to overcome the fear, he said, "I want to stay with them, constantly encourage them, I rather hope they can overcome their own every personal demons, can jump down." Qiao Renliang always with a smile guard in the side, gently patting their shoulders, encourage them not to fear, to relax. Li Linyu is about to jump in the moment, Qiao Renliang said in her ear numerous sentences: "Lin Wei refueling, you can!" When Li Yuan, the staff still legs tremble when conflict with Qiao Renliang, distressed, alone to heal her emotions, to hug her, tell her, "it’s okay, really afraid, we can not jump, this is just a small game, never mind." Summer send cool hands handed condolences to the sanitation workers to record the day of the program, just summer, after the rain in Changsha some sultry. Seeing the park sanitation workers, 40, 50 years of age, still kept sweeping streets, passers-by to guide the way, with the goddess out to do the task of Qiao Renliang, they bought a few bottles of water, one by one to them. Perhaps, this is just a small matter, but subtle care, but also enough to make each other feel warm. A cup of water, Qiao Renliang always slightly bent and cooperate with each other in height, and both hands, but also from time to time with the sanitation workers to talk about their work long, tired, told them to pay attention to rest, take care of the body, the eyes are full of love and earnest. Encounter unwilling to face the lens of sanitation workers.相关的主题文章:

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