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Practical knowledge: with learning English (Bilingual) expression in small animal with small animal English expression of       Have 1 kittens was extremely tense or nervous           Sweet, cuddly, cute: what’s not to love about kittens, the most watched animals on the Internet But? Giving birth to them might be a different experience altogether. Apparently back in, medieval times, a woman who suffered pains during pregnancy would often be advised by the local witch that she was, to her misfortune, carrying kittens, and that the only remedy was a magic potion to destroy the unhappy litter.         as the most popular on the Internet; the animal, sweet and lovable kitten. But the process of giving birth to them can be a completely different experience. Obviously, the middle ages, a pregnant woman often suffered by the local witch, she unfortunately with a cat, the only remedy is to drink the potion to destroy destroy the fetus.               " Have you got ready yet The is having kittens "   boss;       that your report ready? The boss is very nervous.       " We’re so late mum’ll having kittens." be;         we were late, my mother must be upset by   my.       &nbs clean相关的主题文章:

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