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UnCategorized While there is no doubt that ABA therapy is the most widely accepted and re.mended form of treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder, there are varying reports from parents as to how effective it really is. Scientific studies from leading government and independent agencies show that it is the most effective form of treatment, yet many parents have trouble. So what is the discrepancy? Often it is the form of reinforcement used in conjunction with the therapy. In order to understand the importance of reinforcement, it is necessary to understand that the brain of a child with autism does not differentiate between positive and negative attention. In other words, if you respond to a negative behavior with scolding or other punishment, all your child will really know is that their behavior was rewarded with attention. This will only serve to facilitate a further pattern of negative behavior. Negative reinforcement is only seen as negative to the person offering it. That is why so many school systems get no result when sending autistic students in for disciplinary action. Instead of feeling punished, they have received the attention they were looking for. On the other hand, positive reinforcement can be an excellent teaching tool for kids with ASD. Positive reinforcement is an important part of proper administration of ABA therapy. Using this form of reinforcement, children who provide an appropriate response or behavior are met with praise, a .forting touch, or some other form or reward. Rather than punishment, negative or inappropriate responses are met with no reaction at all. The key is to help the child understand that negative behaviors will go entirely unnoticed and will offer no chance of reward. Unless the child is in danger, it is important not to react to negative behaviors. Positive reinforcement is an excellent tool and a re.mended part of ABA therapy. When you undergo training to provide your child or your students with ABA therapy, you want them to be able to get the most benefit possible. This means working to not only help them understand concepts and ideas, but behaviors as well. Positive reinforcement is an integral part of behavioral training for children with autism spectrum disorder and it can help ensure that other aspects of ABA therapy are more effective as well. When properly utilized, you will find that positive reinforcement leads to natural patterns of positive behavior as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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