Peking University People’s Hospital (-11, November 11th – 20 May) – Sohu health demonophobia

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Peking University People’s hospital health lecture (November 11th -11 May 20) – Sohu health following lecture venue are Peking University People’s Hospital Xizhimen Hospital District, you are free to attend. With time and location information, mitigation methods are as follows: November 11th pregnancy common discomfort Friday morning 9:30 building deputy director of three multi-purpose hall speaker obstetrics chief physician Zhang Xiaohong obstetrics physician Wang Yan infant feeding method November 11th Friday afternoon 13:30 five outpatient auditorium speaker pediatric chief physician Liu Jie natural childbirth benefits Monday November 14th morning 9:30 five outpatient auditorium speaker Sun Min obstetrics nurse in charge of diabetes, hypertension and kidney eye damage November 14th Monday afternoon at 13:30 clinic five layer heart center speaker report hall heart center physician Liu Jing Zhang Xiuying Director of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease terrible? November 16th Wednesday afternoon 14:00 five outpatient auditorium speaker of respiratory medicine chief physician Zhang Rongbao Tan Xingyu, deputy director of Department of respiratory medicine physician treatment method of diabetic eye disease in November 17th five outpatient Thursday afternoon at 13:30 auditorium speaker Yin Hong eye chief physician when hepatitis B patients met immunosuppressive agents and chemotherapy drugs on November 17th at 14:00 p.m. Thursday and the three floor Room 305 the speaker, deputy chief physician Li Xiaobo liver health care during pregnancy maternal mental health November 18th Friday morning 9:30 five outpatient auditorium speaker obstetrics chief physician Liu Guoli, deputy director of the physician Yang Jingjing obstetrics nursing infants (2) weeks of November 18th What is the 13:30 five outpatient auditorium speaker pediatric nurse in charge of botulinum toxin five Hou Furong afternoon? Botulinum toxin can do? Meat toxin safe? November 20th Sunday morning 9:00 five outpatient auditorium speaker medical cosmetology department chief physician Liu Yan相关的主题文章:

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