Pass Apple will enhance the photos application function or replace

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Pass Apple will enhance the Photos application function or replace iPhoto, previously exposed San Francisco Moscone West Conference Center schedule shows that Apple or will be held in from June 13th to 17th WWDC2016 developers conference. By then, apple or will launch a new generation of operating system iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 first preview. As June approaches, more new features of iOS10 and OS X 10.12 systems are exposed. According to foreign media reports, apple or iOS10 and OS X 10.12 system to enhance the function of Photos (Photos) applications, after upgrading Photos is expected to replace iPhoto. The Photos application in iOS10 will support editing EXIF information, touch brushes, adjusting brightness and other parameters, making it similar to the OS X version of iPhoto. At the same time, the OS X version of Photos applications will also be improved, but the specific function is unknown, the report only shows that the diaphragm adjustment function will not be added. Apple will upgrade Photos applications or replace iPhoto in addition, the day before the news that Apple plans to built in OS X 10.12 operating system in the Siri application, then Siri will appear on a Mac computer. And apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) has said that apple is studying new features that users hide from preinstalled applications that they don’t want to use. To uninstall pre installed application function is also expected to launch iOS 10 system. As usual, iOS 10 and OS X Big Sur (OS X 10.12) operating system preview will be released on June apple WWDC conference, and in September, when the new iPhone and iPad listing, release iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 official version.

传苹果将提升Photos应用功能 或取代iPhoto   此前据曝光的旧金山Moscone West会议中心日程安排显示,苹果或将于6月13日至17日举行WWDC2016开发者大会。届时,苹果或将推出新一代操作系统iOS 10和OS X 10.12首个预览版。   随着6月的临近,更多关于iOS10和OS X 10.12系统新功能被曝光。据外媒报道,苹果或将在iOS10和OS X 10.12系统中提升Photos(照片)应用的功能,提升后的Photos有望取代iPhoto。   报道称,iOS10中的Photos应用将支持编辑EXIF信息、触摸式笔刷调节亮度及其它参数等,使其功能跟OS X版的iPhoto类似。同时,OS X版Photos应用也将有所提升,但目前具体功能还未知,报道仅表明不会添加光圈调节功能。 传苹果将提升Photos应用功能 或取代iPhoto   此外,日前有消息称,苹果计划在OS X 10.12操作系统中内置Siri应用,届时Siri就将会出现在Mac电脑上。而且此前苹果CEO蒂姆・库克(Tim Cook)曾表示,苹果正研究用户隐藏不想使用的预装应用的新功能。预装应用可卸装功能也有望在iOS 10系统中推出。   按照惯例,iOS 10和OS X Big Sur(OS X 10.12)操作系统预览版将6月苹果WWDC大会上发布,并在9月新款iPhone和ipad上市时发布iOS 10和OS X 10.12正式版。相关的主题文章:

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