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Parents overestimate the child may also hurt him a lot of parents emphasized the child’s self-esteem, so they are intuitive to praise their children, tell them "you are the best, you are the most special", in order to enhance the child’s self-esteem. However, praise may not mean love, but the child an expansion evaluation and belief, children will internalize these beliefs, that they are special and should get special treatment, it will improve the child’s level of narcissism rather than self-esteem. In a recent study published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the findings suggest that a high level of parental assessment of children will make it easier for children to become narcissistic. Self esteem VS narcissistic self-esteem and narcissism are similar in some ways, but they are different in nature. Narcissists think they are better than others, they are obsessed with personal achievement, and believe that they deserve special treatment. Self esteem individuals believe that they are valuable and important, so they accept themselves, like themselves. In simple terms, the narcissistic person is "I’m better than you, so I’m valuable," and the self esteem is "I am valuable and important". Narcissists with understanding of their own unrealistic, consider themselves superior to others and behoove should be successful, for their own expectations may be unrealistic, when denied or fail, they may fall into rage, to doubt yourself in. And for those who are self respecting, setbacks do not waver in their own self, since there is no additional condition for this kind of affirmation from parents and others. Parents overestimate their children are more likely to narcissism this study was divided into 4 times, each time interval of 6 months. 565 (of whom 54% were girls) and their parents participated in the study, including a mother of 415, a father of 290. At the time of the first measurement, children aged 7-11 years were selected for the first time because of the difference in the level of narcissism at this time. Study on the measurement of four times, five indexes were measured every 1 children: narcissism (test questions such as: "I like this child should receive special treatment) 2 children self-esteem (test questions such as" kids like me because be yourself and feel very happy ") 3 children perceived parents love (test questions such as:" I know my mom and Dad love me ") 4 of parents on their children overestimate (test questions for example:" my children than other children to special ") 5 parents care for the children (test questions such as:" I let my children know that I love him. "4) after measurement, using a cross lagged analysis (longitudinal data analysis method, correlation coefficient analysis, variables and variables between changes over time, and then on the basis of the correlation coefficient to determine which one is The results of the causal variable, which is the outcome variable, showed that parents’ high assessment of their children six months ago can significantly predict the child’s narcissistic level after the first six months. The lack of parental love can not predict the child’s narcissism. In a sense, children’s narcissism is obtained through the internalization of their parents!相关的主题文章:

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