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Over 130 thousand of the elderly "drift" in Guangzhou is to take care of grandchildren Jinyang network reporter of wheat and the pace of urbanization accelerated, population flowing tide affects each individual. Today, drift in the city is not only young people, there are many elderly people. Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau data show that in 2014 the floating population of more than 60 years of age reached more than 131 thousand and 200 people, as the elderly, drift in Guangzhou is what kind of experience. The Double Ninth Festival, with this reporter interviewed to ear old man, they say, may also have a sense of belonging, loneliness. The old "drift" two years doubled Li aunt from Liaoning Shenyang, 8 years ago down spike, Li aunt was designed to accompany his son. Later granddaughter was born, she began to take care of her granddaughter’s life. In recent years, Guangzhou’s aging population spike showed a increasing trend, according to the released last year, the Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau data show that in 2014 a significant spike over the age of 60 floating population growth reached 131 thousand and 200, compared to 2012 nearly doubled. Currently, there is no official investigation of the purpose of the spike to the elderly, but the interview with reporters found that the majority of the elderly can not afford to take care of the children and children of the next generation. 63 year old aunt Zhou Sui Sui for more than 10 years, she and her husband at the same time to help his son and daughter to take care of children. Most of the area with the baby is older, mostly from other provinces to Guangzhou to take care of the younger generation. This statement is also a veteran of the Guangzhou Federation of volunteers for the old service community where Lin Xiaofen has been confirmed. Lin Xiaofen said, from the beginning of 2009 yigonglian service for the old project in recent years, their services to the elderly elderly ear more and more concentrated in the urban areas of new projects, mainly for old people to spike grandchildren. Volunteer organizations to build a social platform sense of loneliness and a sense of drift, which is a lot of elderly people may face the first hurdle. Far away from home and the environment has changed, in the home to spend most of the life of the elderly is inevitable. Coupled with language barriers caused by communication barriers, the elderly may gradually become lonely. Let the elderly get rid of loneliness, the key is to build a social platform for them. The Double Ninth Festival this year, Guangzhou Tianhe District basing personnel services authority to the social organization of Guangren basing personnel service center to buy the service, the organization within the jurisdiction of 100 more than 20 people per boarding elderly tour of the Pearl river. In recent years, yigonglian began to design a lot for Guangzhou elderly care activities, such as the creation of real estate into the downtown New elderly Cantonese learning classes, interest classes, and through the garden activities such as mining elderly talent, through the activities to build a social platform for the elderly. Undergraduate culture lost elderly university degree 1% college degree 1% high school education 5% primary school junior high school education 10% education 24% illiterate 59% missing elderly age distribution over the age of 80 small and medium-sized city 37%66-79 44%65 years old the following 36% city 19% in rural areas lost elderly residence and 18% suburban and rural 46% old lost reason statistics get lost 35% suffering from mental illness lost 18% dementia lost 17% other reasons lost 30% tab "Liu Miao China lost status of the elderly" Research Report released yesterday, about 500 thousand people a year and the old man lost immunity相关的主题文章:

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