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Oral: how to get her husband back home? My husband and I to know and married, because the older so hastily married, her husband is good to me, we can be used to describe the life of husband and wife Xiangjingrubin, I think if you are married so well over a lifetime, I am a very traditional woman, I think two couples people don’t experience some of the principle of the event cannot break up. The day is so dull and happy. But, slowly, more and more around the sound to let us seize the child, the parents in question, I am not to care for this problem, I think this is to see the fate, but her mother-in-law and my mom say my age, never became older mothers, arrived don’t live two parents earnestly, in the sexual life of the couple I began to become active, but also because of this, I found the wrong husband. We will have no right after marriage, before I think this thing should be men active, and I and her husband’s career is in the rising period, two people are very busy, I do not care about this thing, but now we’re in a hurry to children, I thought the husband belongs to calm shy type. So this thing is my first initiative. Who knows is the husband and I do not want to right, I have repeatedly active and hints are husband refused, but too much is an insult to my husband said some words, such as sao. Slowly our life has changed, the husband does not go home every night, he always said he would work overtime, or to meet with colleagues to talk about things, even at home for a variety of reasons to refuse my request. I suspect her husband is not a physical problem, advised him to go to the hospital to check, he said I was sick, to go to the hospital for examination. Even once he is angry to throw me, I shouted: "I work very hard, you just care about this thing, why don’t you care about my life pressure?" With these words, he left the door left, I sat crying a lot in bed, I feel very wronged, but turn to husband has been good to me, the family is responsible for his career, may have recently made some difficult things, he was very upset, so you don’t the mood of the. I am so relieved myself, also have found, after I told her husband that I do not mention this matter, husband happy to say that I understand. Who knows to have a husband to work without a mobile phone, I see, is trying to send him in the past, an anonymous text message flashed out, I looked at the mobile phone display screen: dear, see the old place tonight. Suddenly feel shocked and flustered, her husband had mistress, I felt very uncomfortable, and I do not want to blame him right thinking, I want to know why he betrayed me, and who I chat with each other, the mistress to her husband’s voice, chat more think more wrong, feeling each other like a man. I try to let the other side sent a voice message to me. To identify each other really is male, I suddenly understood the husband before various abnormalities, I accompanied by three years of husband love man, turned out to be a gay, I was muddled, suddenly tears, I never thought this would be the result of. Source (love)相关的主题文章:

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