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SEO Oes Tsetnoc is the current buzz in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world today.For the ordinary internet user this may sound weird and has no meaning at all. But for SEO practitiners, this could be a gold mine. Promo Junkie started all the buzz when they sponsored a SEO contest for the key phrase "oes tsetnoc", which is just actually the reversed "seo contest". Participants are going to race to the top of Google’s result page for the said key phrase.A lot of participants from all over the corners of the world join the contest who are all experts in the SEO field. So what does a beginner like me doing in such a contest? I am going to try not just my luck but my SEO techniques how do they perform against the best in the world. I have been doing SEO, in my own way, with my own sites and they are doing good in Google’s search results. But I am wondering how these techniques of mine go against the SEO gurus in the world. In the contest, I’ll try to "convince" Google that the key phrase "oes tsetnoc" is in the entertainment niche. To do this, my blog entry’s posts will be of entertainment in nature and write at least five entries in it. I’ll be writing showbiz articles with the key phrase "oes tsetnoc" that will definitely convince Google that "oes tsetnoc" belongs to the entertainment world. Next move is to enhance my entry’s link popularity. Link popularity is one of the factors Google consider in ranking sites. The more popular your site is, the higher your rank in your targetted keywords. So how can I improve my entry’s link popularity? First, I am going to tell the world about my entry. I am going to promote my entry through the social networks like facebook, friendster, twitter, myspace and social bookmarking sites like mixx, digg, delicious and others. I am going to leave links in those sites for social users to follow in visiting my entry and at the same time further enhance my entry’s link popularity. Another link building technique is by submitting my blog entry to blog directories. Exchange links could also be another way to enhance my entry’s popularity. I am going to ask my friends to give me some links and in return, I am going to give links to their sites from my other sites. But the most effective link building technique is through article writing. There are a lot of article submission sites like Ezineartcles, goarticles, articledashboard and many others. I am going to submit articles to these sites and those articles will contain links to my entry and the proper anchor text which is " oes tsetnoc ". The techniques I stated above are the very same SEO procedures I am doing in my own sites which are really doing good in Google’s search results. These techniques can now be tested against the best SEO experts in the world and I just hope that this will produce a positive result. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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