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Ning’an driver is startled pheasant barged into the bus windshield life in November 5th reported recently, a small video crazy pass in the WeChat circle of friends: a red bus to Ning Xiangyang parked on the roadside, a pheasant head stuck in the car front windshield glass, double leg unbend see pheasant what is dead, the windshield knocked out of a more than and 10 cm diameter hole. Many people would like to ask, this video is true? What’s the pheasant side, have to go flying in the bus? 4, the reporter learned from the Ning’an city passenger station, this is the 2 day of the real scene, but the passengers near misses, no one was injured. According to the staff of Ning’an city passenger station, 2 at around 14, a "Xiangyang red Ning An" passenger car in return after the castle near the Ning’an Road, overpass four hundred or five hundred meters place, a pheasant suddenly flew out from the corn fields, and the normal running of the bus collided. Pheasant like a bullet through the windshield, driving on the right side of the head into the car. It happened too suddenly, the driver was shocked, but calmly held the steering wheel, the car safely parked to the side of the road. No one was injured in the car. "In the past there have been more common pheasant," with a scoop scoop fish roe deer, pheasant fly into the pot ". This week, flying into the car!" The staff said the Ning’an city passenger station, passenger lines a day trip, half the distance are shuttle in the woods, in recent years, an ecological environment is getting better and better, the fields of pheasant again. "At that time is estimated will be shocked by the car driving pheasant, pheasant Huangbuzelu ran into the bus. Therefore, the owners have to spend seven hundred or eight hundred yuan of money to replace the windshield, but also a day off."相关的主题文章:

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