New song Na Ying never read lyrics

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"The new song" Na Ying exposes Na Ying never remember the lyrics "new song" started tonight Na Ying "second class" five strong battle skills for student use promotion. God tells the story of Lang Lang humor outbreak; Jay Chou recalled in a foreign country to eat not to spend money, when bill Na Ying signed; admit: "I never remember the lyrics of the song for so many years". The top ten players for Wuqiang Jin, Yang arrest on war white Jingchen, Wang Chenrui battle against Su Lisheng Hou Zhibin, Yang Shan, Zhou Yang against Li Peiling, Yue Jingqi challenge million Neda, were all well matched. Na Ying queen of the gas field full, the girl Wang Chenrui was praising Na Ying very warm, said with teacher Na Ying rehearsed very happy, love to see Na Ying the teacher’s eyes, "because I see her eyes, I feel very warm i." Yang Mountain site was too nervous to forget the word, also won the Na Ying comfort and support, even said, "I never remember the lyrics of the song for so many years". Jay Chou Jay Chou does not change the hand piece character, this also throws a joke, "said more musical, you know they are two of the biggest difference in where? They sing different songs." Harlem Yu made up his mind, for your humor, I will continue to come to this program. Malay girl singing Li Peiling quiet, Jay Chou said that the original is very accidental, in his impression, Malaysia people are very enthusiastic. Because of the recent in Malaysia after the concert, Jay Chou will be there on vacation, live in the seaside, go to the restaurant to pay, but often refused, "the boss said no money for my daughter to sign a name on it. So in Malaysia, these meals are free, just signed a few names."相关的主题文章:

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