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The network scalping is   fraud; quasi students cheated 8000 yuan Education — original title: network scalping is fraud "quasi students cheated 8000 yuan tuition fees in August 20th 4 in the afternoon, Henan city of Hebi province" quasi college students "small dream" dry shop on behalf of the brush "part-time to a strange account, turn to the second funds 4320 yuan. After the transfer, she suddenly realized that he was cheated. The school is preparing for college dream finally she saved 8640 yuan in less than 24 hours into. There are thousands of dollars in the relatives to congratulate her admitted to the University of red envelopes, as well as a part-time wage, the money is to prepare her own college tuition and living expenses. After the report, the little dream found, was a network of part-time brush cheat more than her. From 240 yuan to 8640 yuan, the money is not anti cheated "my friend in temporary recruitment network, minimum 18~50 yuan / single, just 20~60 minutes to finish a single checkout immediately, will the Internet, mobile phone computer can operate, there is a need to do with Q……" August 11th at 11 in the evening, anxious to find a summer job in a small group of small dreams in a QQ group saw the news of the. This year just graduated from high school dream in August 10th ended a teaching assistant, can not wait to find second jobs, hoping to save a little money to live in college, sharing the burden of the family. With curiosity and anticipation, she added that QQ message. At noon on August 12th, a net name as "network temporary" customer service staff began to contact her. No one has asked for education and experience and other relevant information, she first received a part-time staff please look at the two long message process and common problems ". The message list "qualifications, job, project process, project compensation, wage settlement, job security" 7 items, including "the position" to "shop on behalf of the brush, or pat for Taobao and other major mall brush reputation and sales", she knew what she had to do is scalping. "Work. Customer service introduced the main work flow is: "after receiving the task, please pay as soon as possible take baby (Note: do not need to confirm receipt, to prevent the loss of funds), we will put the principal + commission return to your account in 5~10 minutes. Your query to the principal + commission rebate, and then click the confirm receipt + praise." And claims to apply for protection, we first returned to the principal + commission to you, you re confirm receipt. This is the safest way to trade." "The candidate" is very simple, "only a bank card online banking functions or Alipay account, more than 400 yuan liquidity, liquidity for the brush sales". In the subsequent special remarks, do not charge any fees, the introduction of deposit fees and so on, to join the project is free, but will not ask you for any card number password." Holding the mood to try, the first application of a small dream. The other quickly sent a task number, link address, and the number of purchases and other content. Click chain相关的主题文章:

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