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About half of net plate Bureau: reform and revolution will eventually meet the original title: the second half: net about license plate Bureau reform and revolution will be met by Wang Haitao     source: public number Haitao review in November 1st, will be an important day for these drops about car net, net about the new car is about to fall. This is the beginning of the revolution against the traditional taxi market, it seems that when the dust settles. At this time, another network about the car giant suddenly said: there is a war, the revolution is far from victory, has just begun the second half – September 22nd, originally only deep B2C network about the car market of China car, suddenly announced that the "open" network about car platform: free and open to the private car owners to provide service standards, but never to the owners of pumping into more choice of car; provide to customers. For the owners, the Shenzhou car which is in the "Lei Feng", not only service charges; for the users, which of course is good, the more optional car. Prior to this, the Shenzhou car operation mode has some questioned: from the parent company of China auto rental rental vehicles, hiring a full-time driver. This model, compared with the number of drops to provide only the platform model is cumbersome. Relatively speaking, China is an entity of car rental companies, and drops just a car platform. The pros and cons of these two business models naturally controversial. But all the business models, are in order to make money, so, to determine the business model and there is only one standard, more persistent mode of making money is a better model, and weight irrelevant. Lu Zhengyao, founder of the Chinese view, C2C network about the car platform model simply can not make money, that is, he does not agree with the drops of the platform model. This is an important reason why China has always insisted on "heavy". So, before, China in Uber, drops war, the equivalent of a spectator, play is not the same, the positive conflict is less. Compared with the traditional taxi companies, drops more innovative, is a subversion of the traditional model, and China is a supplement to the traditional model. It can be said that the drop is a revolutionary, but China is like a dogooder. There will always be a bloody sacrifice, it is inevitable that the difficulties encountered by the cuts and more pressure, especially the policy level, it can always be announced by the policy is illegal operations. That is, to obtain legal status, pieces of car drivers dream, they not only by the policy of discrimination, and even repeatedly beaten. Fortunately, the drops on the revolutionary progress for it to win a lot of public opinion support. Under the support of public opinion, drops rapidly through the Internet venture financing, mergers, path and burn the scale, accumulate the user habits. In the process, the merger is fast, Uber is merged, a single big. Moreover, in the opinion of the solidarity, the new car is out, the legitimacy problem seems to be no longer a problem. It can be said that the drops have reached any Internet entrepreneurs dream of success. But this time, the business model drops back to the most primitive proposition: to make money Hao相关的主题文章:

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