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Travel-and-Leisure Costa Rica is a peaceful country in the troubled region to the contrary in Central America. In fact, this country does not have to form a national army – it’s like peace and quiet of national parks in Costa Rica can be thrown on the state itself, and they are still in a world that its own – not surprising, then descend to visitors treasure here to connect with Nature and seeking refuge from the experiences of their daily lives. Parque Nacional Corcovado The Parque Nacional described the city of Venice by National Geographic as "the place of the most biologically intense field." At the height of his reputation, and a garden with a large variety of birds, animals, insects and plants, not to forget the past, large tracts of original rainforest in Central America and the Pacific. And as diverse as biological diversity here because it is unique to attract nature lovers alike, and environmental experts. Monteverde Biological Reserve Another interesting national park in Costa Rica is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. Considered among the most popular national parks in Costa Rica, and is called a cloud forest and not the reserve is vital, because it is situated at an altitude of 3840 feet to 5120 feet (1200 m to 1600 m), it attracts the clouds, which in turn feed the plant and animal life vary widely in homes. It is not surprising that the park is considered among the most sacred areas in the tropics of the New World. Environment within the park is both fragile and on the Internet for a limited number of permits for visitors and the national park is home to 1,000 species of insects, plants, plants and many birds and equally mammals. You can see the diversity of platforms biological systems connected by bridges, zip lines, suspension. Through the valley and surrounding mountains Can be found on the Central Valley and the mountainous regions in the nearby rain forest aerial tram, and if you do not, in fact, Lloyd through the forests. The first part of the trip is a guided tour and then you can take the tram, which slides on the tranquility of the forest canopy. And guide you through a directory that you provide good information on ecosystems and species. The vegetation is very dense in some places, it a bit difficult to see the species therein. National Union of Parque VOLC? N Arenal Also known as "energetic heart of Costa Rica, located in this national park in central Costa Rica Arenal Conservation Area. A split in the form of a cone 5356 feet (1633 meters) VOLC? N Arenal in 1968 the spread of the lava that killed thousands of people. Even today it is still very active and can be seen blazing red glow in the night. There are some trails in place a safe distance. In Santa Rosa National Park in Costa Rica The park is among the oldest national parks in Costa Rica. Spread over an area of 37,117 ha/91, 679 acres of land, covering almost the entire peninsula of Santa Elena. It contains over 250 species of birds and 115 species of mammals and reptiles, including snakes, monkeys and iguanas. National Park is located in the Guanacaste region, where conservation has been included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. I hope to Visit my Blog : Ancient Egypt | Daily Life in Ancient Egyptian | Egypt Wiki 相关的主题文章:

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