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"My war" Liu Ye Wang Luodan tribute "collective confession of romantic life" – Sohu [] entertainment broadcast video entertainment Sohu Ye Qing, Wang Longhua showed the volunteer soldiers soldiers heroic creative photo Sohu entertainment news (1100 / Wen Xiaoming / video) commercial giant system of "my war war" in September 15th on the release of the mid autumn festival. In September 11th, the world premiere held a press conference in Beijing, director Peng Shun, producer, composer William Wang Luodan, Aberdeen fishing, starring Liu Ye, Huang Zhizhong, Ye Qing, Wang Longhua, Hou Yijian, Ji Xiaofei, Zhuang Qingning and other guests were present, the famous performing artist Yu Lan, Zhang Yong, Gong Xibin came to help out, the film "hero" in the king actor Liu Shilong also expressed a blessing by video. The conference site, director Peng Shun, Wei Lian, music producer Aberdeen fishing to share the story behind the creation of the film; the creative aspects of the game in the recount, Liu Ye smiled to turn over offbeat advertising; the old artists in a very touching love story, touching in the flames of war in the spirit of the revolution is to let people tears trickling down cheeks. Peter "big battle all the creative game affectionate confession climax and pathos in the film love instead, play lovers Liu Ye and Wang Luodan in the film in the field to share the special field of love skills, funny scenes people laughing. In order to win Wang Luodan’s heart, Liu Ye "Captain sun" possessed the letters "boldly say I want to kiss you," Wang Luodan answered: "childish laugh!" And, Liu Ye remarked: "micro-blog is a funny force, now very hard". Not only that, Liu Ye’s index was also conducted the battle, "the captain of the basketball team play" easily into grenades, a big success attracted the audience exclaimed challenges. Other creative in the film also active, Ye Qing and Wang Longhua literary backbone hard "interpretation of valiant and heroic in bearing army green flower five shooting", a big show of fan art. Always in dramas with male god images appear on the screen of the "national" Prince Wang Longhua’s troupe played Liu Shiwen in the film. Talking about the role he said, although Liu Shiwen is not a literary and art soldiers on the battlefield, but he experienced a brutal war, a step by step into the fear from the brave, and eventually turned into a real warrior. By taking this drama is like a battlefield, but also feel that peace is how hard won." "Blasting expert Huang Zhizhong is a tough guy, he put aggressive fighting posture, elite style show. It is worth mentioning that the mine is part of an exciting again and again, test the overall combat capability of the team, Huang Zhizhong first challenge, Liu Ye commander Yazhen, all carefully open pattern, Liu Ye on "learning psychology" field command but the two was missed, Ye Qing joked: "I think you are a psychiatrist." They reluctantly accept the punishment, the "yangko dance" poker-faced’s antics cause the scene laugh constantly. The old artist recalls bloody romantic revolutionary feelings touched the surprise is that the Korean War and has a close relationship between the Chinese famous performing artist Zhang Yong in hand, also came to the scene, liu.相关的主题文章:

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