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"My family is married to Mulan Gong Hanlin" fixing effort to build a life comedy entertainment Sohu – "my family married Mulan" Gong Hanlin recently fixing effort to build "my life comedy married Mulan stills" Sohu entertainment news Beijing North entertainment Limited by Share Ltd and the Shandong homes combine culture media limited company joint investment of thirty sets of urban life comedy "my family has married a Mulan recently finished". The play by the famous comedian Mr. Gong Hanlin personally known to every family featuring screenwriter and director, this is Mr. Gong Hanlin for thirty years the first self works, was highly praised by many peers and experts, including one of Mr. Zhu Shaoyu’s producer. In addition, the famous comedian Pan Changjiang, Kim, white Kennan, loved by the audience also join the considerably more. Gong Hanlin in the wrestling boutique as everyone knows, teacher Gong Hanlin is the evergreen tree on the stage drama, its exquisite performing skill has conquered the audience of millions; believe teacher Gong Hanlin from the stage comedy to television comedy gorgeous, from the creation to the full range of show performances, will show more surprises to the audience. Throughout the past few years, the film and television drama market and network play platform, comedy has been ranked, popular. "My family has married a Mulan" in maintaining and developing the comedy advantage at the same time, in the creation of fine and DEDECATES teacher Gong Hanlin and many comedians to join, will be more for the high quality, good taste, full of life and energy is the comedy drama chelseagreat. Devoted to the interpretation of ordinary life — the drama from the perspective of women’s social status and status in contemporary life. The heroine in the experience of the ideal and the reality of the psychological gap, and graduate unemployment, gender discrimination in the workplace such setbacks in life, brave men and women challenge the present unfair competition to the reality, Nvbannanzhuang, that men and women have any real meaning with their own strength, to show the unique charm of contemporary women. Small household affairs story, innovative interpretation techniques, the structure of opera, vividly portray the reality version of Nvbannanzhuang Mulan interpretation of the wonderful life, tells a strange story full of delight. In order to make the play in all respects to achieve the ideal effect, Gong Hanlin teacher after long period of preparation, from filming to post production, pay a 100 percent effort, showing a senior artist admirable occupation style. We believe that after Gong Hanlin’s comedy team carefully polished, in support of Shandong to combine culture media Co. Ltd, in cooperation with Beijing to the North Point entertainment Limited by Share Ltd, "my family has married a Mulan" can win the audience’s recognition and praise.相关的主题文章:

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