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Many PVC collective price corporate earnings continued to improve Sina App: Live on-line blogger on a guiding team you make you take you can always keep my information Zhengbao informed you, 19 days more than PVC price increases, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Shaanxi and other enterprises collective price, in the range of 50 yuan per ton -100 yuan. Since this year, the cumulative increase of nearly 30% in East china. Futures prices, 19 PVC main contract rose nearly 3%, a new round of new highs. The current PVC market tight supply, inventory is low, the enterprise will strongly increase. In addition, the downstream manufacturers procurement positive, good market turnover. The agency believes that in the supply contraction, demand recovery and low inventory driven, PVC industry profitability will continue to improve. The latest show, the PVC market continues to improve, enterprises obviously reluctant to sell, the overall supply is still tight. From a regional market, PVC prices in Guangzhou continue upward, the market price of supply is less, the trading floor focus steadily upward, ordinary type 5 electric stone from the mainstream price 6420 yuan -6500 yuan per ton; Hangzhou PVC price continues to rise, the market price increases, the rise will pull field strong, ordinary type 5 electric stone mainstream newspaper 6370 yuan -6450 yuan per ton; Henan area, PVC narrow price rise, the market has improved, ordinary type 5 electric stone mainstream factory at 6000 yuan per ton -6050 yuan, the recent shipment enterprises better, inventory low, downstream enterprises orders situation has improved; Shandong Qilu Chemical City PVC market still has raised. The supply is still tight, strong business mentality, ordinary type 5 electric stone mainstream price 6250 yuan -6300 yuan per ton. Industry production capacity, the effect of supply side reform gradually. Statistical data of Chlor Alkali Industry Association show that in recent years, PVC net capacity reduced, the current total capacity of PVC industry was 23 million 480 thousand tons, of which 15% production capacity has been completely dismantled but did not report the association, so the actual total capacity of only about 20 million tons, compared with a total capacity of 24 million 760 thousand tons in 2013 has shrunk by nearly 20%. Last year, the total output of 16 million 90 thousand tons of PVC industry, the actual operating rate of about 80%, significantly higher than the nominal operating rate of 68.5%, leading enterprises operating rate of more than 90%. From the downstream demand point of view, PVC is the main downstream application areas of real estate, more than 60% of the PVC demand from profiles, pipes and plates and other building materials. Data show that in the first half of this year, new housing construction area grew by 15%, ending the negative growth for two consecutive years. Brokerage research report believes that PVC belongs to the real estate industry after the cycle, the demand lag behind the real estate new start 6 months to 12 months, the first half of the new real estate projects are expected to focus on the release of PVC in the second half. Agency believes that the second half of PVC demand compared to the same period last year will have an increase of 8%-10%, is expected to present the situation of rising prices and prices. In addition, according to the Ministry of transportation and other ministries to develop the "vehicle transport vehicle management program of work", since September 21st this year, no "double car" theory相关的主题文章:

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