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" Hubei Qichun County procuratorate dedication; " moral lecture lecture you to further establish a good image of Qichun Procuratorate, vigorously carry forward the Chinese traditional morality, and promote the construction of socialist core value system in the afternoon of November 11, 2016, in Qichun County of Hubei province Siyuan school hall, the county’s Procuratorate held the "dedication" as the theme of moral classroom activities. Qichun County Committee Yang Zhiwen, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of Hua Feng, Qichun County Procuratorate of all the party members and the police and civilized units at all levels of the county on behalf of nearly 300 people attended the common moral lecture, received a vivid and meaningful moral baptism. The moral lecture has eight aspects, respectively is singing songs, recite classics, watch videos, stories, talk about perception, province, and offer auspicious comment. Blue sky, white clouds, the magnificent mountains and rivers, the prosecutor of our people gathered in the solemn national emblem. Law enforcement for the people is the trust of the party, legal supervision is our sacred duty. For the protection of human rights……" Along with the Qichun County People’s Procuratorate of youth police prosecutors collective chorus "people’s song" passionate songs, moral lecture began. In the classic chant link, the young police officers for the hospital all reading and interpretation of the "gentleman in the bit line, not on the outer. "Lao Zi", "mining flowers into honey, for whom hard for whom sweet. – Luo Yin "," impartial, word and people together. Liu – "three classic famous, let us find from sages sage aphorisms to guide the founding director, life. In the movie we watched the link, 2013 moved to China Chinese nuclear submarine characters, the father of Mr. deeds Xuhua yellow by the big screen, with the heart of the academician Huang Xuhua for the motherland nuclear submarine career silently, from his spiritual food on the body. The story link, and two officers from the public prosecution department and anti corruption Bureau respectively describes the Qichun County procuratorate juvenile criminal procuratorial work team and the anti corruption Bureau police story, let the participants from the people and things around to feel the hard work and solid general virtue. In short, after hearing the story, the two young police officers came to share their insights with you, speak from the heart, thought-provoking. Province links, participants close your eyes, calm down, put the right hand in his chest position, whether their own meditation conscientiously, selfless devotion to work, whether in the style of pragmatic, honest, and serve the people wholeheartedly, whether one for the public. In the send auspicious link, the participants issued on the staff of the small card to write their own dedication to all the warmest wishes. Finally, the Qichun county Party Committee Standing Committee Yang Zhiwen and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, deputy attorney general, respectively, on the activities of the wonderful comments made by Zhang Guoxue. "Ren Xing Road Dechang, Chang Zheng Hua Ming, moral, political and 10000 name Ning ming. Civilization is the soul of a city, is the foundation of morality. Moral lecture is an important carrier and the starting point of moral construction to promote our county." Comrade Yang Zhiwen stressed at the meeting. "Today’s moral lecture not only let me see the policemen zhengyilinran, let the spirit of A fighting spirit soars aloft., No.相关的主题文章:

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