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Monday: SMG 014 potters should not be sought after Monday 014 Premiership undefeated Swan underdog Storck city VS Swansea 2016-11-01 04:00 Venue: the Britannia Stadium is expected to 10 degrees cloudy weather: Storck city status: Storck city team nearly 4 League 2 wins, 2 unbeaten, finally from the bottom position to go out, and after the 5 round of the league, they only got 1 points. This season the team movement in the market is not big, but the beginning of the season, Sachiri and Bartlett, avery et al were injured, have been affected, especially in the last round of the game Sachiri almost single handedly helping the team win the game, the Rome team since the January years Sara hemming in Africa, also intends to introduce the Swiss the number one star in the winter window. While important signings Choan and Indy team this season is also gradually into the state, the lineup, the game team are basically old wounded, little effect. Swansea’s status: similar to the city of Storck, Swansea team this season in a slump, after the first round of League win never again achieved a victory, the only product 5 points ranked second, the last round of the game against Waterford to stop a fourth of the decline, but the old Mr Bradley still winless. This season, he and Ashley – leave Williams on the team still have no small impact, and the reinforcements they have no corresponding tonic. The game has little effect on the team without Dyer, Monteiro also can play a question mark. Confrontation history: the two sides fought nearly 6 times, Storck, 2 wins, 3 draws and 1 losses slightly prevail. Game Analysis: the field of Macao and to the Lord let hemisphere water dish, instant plate water level continued to uplift, two wins if the team win win with high water too cheap, William note by the low pressure negative to compensate for the visiting team, also have to guard against the Lord let a ball competition color, choose the guest gall. The first prediction: Storck city (4231): Grant Bud Azee Leigh, Peter Mars, shocr Ross, Cameron, Whelan, Joellen Di Sacchi, Arnautovic Boni Swansea (4231): Norton, Vander Horn, Lukasz Watson, Kingsley, Britten, Ma ki sigurdson, Baston barrow, Routledge SMG recommended: let the negative Shengping Fu相关的主题文章:

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